Legal Elite Awards 2020

10 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Legal Elite Awards , Best In-House Insurance General Counsel 2020 (Florida) Executive Committee. Mr. Blacklidge is a member of multiple Chamber of Commerce Organizations within the state of Florida. In the past and presently he has been involved as a volunteer for the American Red Cross. Mr. Blacklidge ran for the Florida House of Representatives in 2018. Ray’s strong sense in community and helping others has led him to be a vital pillar of both the community in which he lives as well as the wider community. His selfless actions throughout the years have led him to benefiting the lives of numerous people within the community. Mr. Blacklidge served eight years as an elected Alderman and four years as a School Board Member. He lives in Madeira Beach with his wife and soul mate, Lisa Blacklidge and nearby their five children and seven grandchildren. Ray was educated in Chicago and earned his JD from The John Marshall Law School. He was admitted to the Illinois state bar in 1986, before being admitted to the Florida bar in 2002. He remains a member of both organizations. Ultimately, as the companies continue to grow maintaining their conservative approach to ensure the team is able to serve the citizens of Florida for at least another four generations. Contact: Raymond M. Blacklidge Company: Raymond M. Blacklidge, Esquire Telephone: 727-489-9142 Web: With more than an impressive 34 years of experience as an attorney practicing in the insurance field and serving as General Counsel for business entities, Ray’s knowledge extends beyond the state of Florida and he has worked nationwide. He is an insurance executive, a business entrepreneur and a consumer advocate. Ray has many years of experience serving in significant roles of public policy development, legislative drafting, advocacy, lobbying, regulatory compliance, litigation, public affairs, insurance transaction drafting and execution. He has served both in insurance trade associations as well as “on the line” in the law department of an insurance company. He is a strong believer in service to others and of giving back to the community. American Traditions Insurance Company is the largest writer of manufactured home insurance in Florida. They also write homeowner and condominium unit-owner policies. Ray Blacklidge is a part owner, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of American Traditions Insurance Company who serves as the company’s legislative, legal and corporate governance leader. We profiled Ray to discover more about his remarkable career and the success he has effortlessly achieved throughout the years. Ray believes in creating work conditions through which individuals can develop to the maximum their talents and abilities as completely as possible. He has planned and performed numerous leadership training events. As General Counsel one of his roles is to explain to executives, senior management and board members the legal ramifications of any actions of the company. He also negotiates, writes, and executes agreements and contracts. He is also on hand to offer counsel on a variety of legal issues. In addition, Mr. Blacklidge also advises executives within the company and works alongside employees in every aspect of company operations. Ray is part of the executive management team for a Florida domestic homeowner insurance company that is the largest Manufactured Home Insurer in the State of Florida. Ray also serves as Board Member, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary of the Board and Registered Agent of Jerger Insurance Holding Company American Traditions’ holding company and serves as Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Registered Agent for T. J. Jerger MGA, LLC, a Florida managing general agent. Mr. Blacklidge spends much of each year’s Florida Legislative Session in Tallahassee working to help educate legislators on the inner workings of the insurance industry and the impact of various legislative proposals have upon not only the companies but also the most important policyholder. Ray is very involved in industry organizations charting the future paths of the industry. Mr. Blacklidge represents American Traditions Insurance Company as a Member of various committees and boards. Some of these include: the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCI), Legal and Government Affairs Committee, Surplus and Specialty Lines Committee, Flood Subcommittee, Fraud Subcommittee and the State Government Relations Subcommittee. The Florida Insurance Council (FIC), Board Member and Chair of the Legal Reform Committee. A member of the Florida Property and Casualty Association (FPCA). Mr. Blacklidge has been an active contributor to his community for many years. He is a member of the Pinellas County Republican