Legal Elite Awards 2019

6 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Legal Elite Awards , Vernis & Bowling Established in 1970, Vernis & Bowling now operates seventeen offices located throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The practice’s rich history and reputation as trial counsel in these areas has allowed the team to work with a diverse group of clients with a broad range of exposures. With its broad geographic base of locally staffed offices, the firm is able to provide the benefits and synergies of a large organization, including consistency in management, policies and legal representation, while also offering the expertise and individual attention of many boutique firms. The result is the highest level of professionalism and service to the firm’s clients. Thanks to its deep history of defense work, Vernis & Bowling maintains a rich database of motions, briefs, expert records, deposition transcripts, and other resources that the firm can share across its teams to ensure they learn from past experiences. Similarly, the firm also maintains and shares information about its clients’ preferences, needs, and objectives allowing the practice to be a true legal partner and teammate, rather than just an outsourced firm. Best Full-Service Law Firm 2019 - Southeast USA: Vernis & Bowling Supporting clients across the Southeast United States, Vernis & Bowling draws on nearly 50 years’ experience providing a full range of legal services. As part of our showcase of a selection of this year’s distinguished Legal Elite Awards winners, we profile the firmand explore how it combines its geographical reachwith experience and passion for client-focused results to create a truly exceptional experience for its valued clients. For its clients including represented individuals, businesses, professionals, insurance carriers, self-insureds, governmental entities, brokers, underwriters, agents and insureds, the firm can provide advice, counsel, and civil litigation representation in state and federal courts, as well as alternative dispute forums. Over the years, Vernis & Bowling has used the opportunities it has enjoyed as a result of serving such a diverse range of clients to develop a broad portfolio of experiences, which benefit all clients in the negotiation or trial of their matters. As a result of providing great service and results while partnering with its clients, the firm is now well positioned to succeed when clients acquire new business, expand their operations, or when key team members move to take on new challenges. By investing in its clients’ interests and challenges, Vernis & Bowling is better able to assist them with positive and negative market challenges. This dedication to client service is what sets the firm apart from its competitors and marks it out as the best full-service law firm for clients based across the Southeastern United States. The team understands that they win by listening, adapting, collaborating, and testing themselves against their own best results on every assignment. Seeking to offer staff the same exceptional standard of support that it offers clients, Vernis & Bowling promotes a culture of inclusion, collaboration, respect, and accountability. Inclusion is a growing and advancing program with the firm and has resulted in a broadening of the firm’s available perspectives. The team actively discusses its benefits and opportunities May19368 to expand the firm’s talent pool to ensure it recruits the best possible team members to serve the practice’s clients. Collaboration is also a key part of the firm’s internal culture, and as such, Vernis & Bowling promotes asking, listening, and sharing questions and ideas. As a part of this inclusion and collaboration is respect. By promoting an open setting for ideas and their free exchange, respect is generated by each successful solution shared. Accountability is promoted within each team, each office, each practice area, and by each individual. The firm is constantly promoting their client-driven metrics, and evolving the same as new data points and technology permit the advancement of their score carding and QA programs. As a result of sharing and discussing these metrics with all team members, the firm can impact the drivers and results with innovative, new, and collaborative ideas. Ultimately, Vernis & Bowling is honored to have been trusted by its long-time clients for almost 50 years with the protection of their interests, and moving forward the firm will continue to focus on quality client service and innovation to ensure the coming 50 years are as successful as the previous five decades. “Vernis & Bowling understands that they win by listening, adapting, collaborating, and testing themselves.” “client service is what sets the firm apart from its competitors and marks it out as the best full-service law firm.”