Legal Elite Awards 2018

6 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Legal Elite Awards , “Alongside my work at Green, Howard & Mughal, I am also active in the local community. For example, I co-founded a safety-net non-profit clinic in SW Portland called South West Community Health Center. The Center provides health care services to uninsured and underinsured clients. The clinic is now an essential fabric of the Multnomah and Washington Counties in Oregon, and is recognized for making a difference in the lives of the un-insured and under- insured people.” Going forward, Usman foresees even greater success and further growth for Green, Howard, & Mughal, as he is proud to conclude. “With regards to the future, we expect to grow as a firm and expand the number of clients we serve. We want to add more partners and associates from diverse background (technical, ethnic, racial, gender, etc.) so we can provide services to an even more diverse set of clients.” Specialising in domestic and foreign patent law services, Green, Howard, & Mughal relies on its vast team of experienced and dedicated lawyers to provide its clients with the services they need, as Usman is keen to highlight in his opening comments. “At Green, Howard & Mughal, our attorneys have diverse technology background with years of industry and patent law practice experience. Our attorneys are inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and legal professionals who pride themselves in understanding complex technologies and procuring marketable foreign and domestic patent monopoly rights for our clients. We understand our clients and help them harvest ideas ripe for patent protection. We defend assertions made by third parties against our client’s products, and also provide targeted prosecution and offensive analysis services.” “It is our extensive practical background in a broad variety of technologies, as well as our low prices that are the key to keeping our firm in a competitive position. Our attorneys and agents have PhDs, and M.S degrees in engineering and sciences, and also years of extensive industry experience. Clients value such practical experience and advanced education. Some of our attorneys are inventors themselves, and know what the clients (inventors) expect.” Best Patent Law Practice 2018 - USA Green, Howard, &Mughal LLP is a high-quality Intellectual Property law firm in the heart of Silicon Forest. We spoke to Founding Partner Usman Mughal to find out more about the firm and the work it undertakes. Usman himself focuses on patent prosecution of electrical, computer, and software related inventions. He also provides litigation support for non- infringement and validity opinions of third party patents. He is eager to showcase his own experience and how he ensures that every client receives the benefit of his vast expertise. “Personally, my practice areas include patent prosecution of electrical, computer, and software related inventions. I also provide litigation support for non-infringement and validity opinions of third party patents. I started practicing patent law after working at Intel Corp. in Hillsboro Oregon as a Design Engineer for nearly nine years in microprocessor design. I hold over ten U.S. Patents and have co-authored over fifteen technical papers. Before joining Intel, I interned at Cadence Design System and Nortel Networks in Cary and Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, respectively. “Additionally, I also use my rich and broad practical background in technologies such as: telecommunications, semiconductors, thermal sensors, high speed I/Os, PLLs, DLLs, amplifiers, platform design, Verilog based design validation, CAD tool design, wireless, antennas, microwave circuits, and software design including object oriented programming, to provide high quality patent procurement services and other counselling. My clients reach out to me for drafting complex patent applications in areas I have practical background because my background allows for efficient use of the client’s time and providing high quality work product.” Giving back to the community is also key for both Usman and his firm. He explores how he invests his time into supporting others and utilising his vast experience for the betterment of society. LE180010 Company: Green, Howard, & Mughal LLP Contact: Usman Mughal Address: 5 Centerpointe Drive, Suite 400, Lake Oswego, Oregon, 97035, USA Phone: 001 503 968 8233 Website: