Legal Elite Awards 2018

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Legal Elite Awards 15 , Blackwell, Vishio & Fisher, PLLC. combines the skills, experience and breadth of large firms in our nation’s big cities with the personal attention and service of a small law firm. The attorneys pride themselves on their ability to handle a wide variety of cases in order to ensure clients have the representation they need, no matter the complexity of the dispute or issue they are facing. We profile the firm to find out more about the range of services it has to offer and how it works to ensure excellence for every client it supports. Best Business Litigation Firm - South West Florida & Estate Planning Specialist of the Year - South West Florida Pennsylvania, and California and as such they are able to offer clients the benefit of their vast industry experience to ensure that the outcome of their legal endeavours is as satisfactory as possible under the circumstances. Thanks to their extensive professional and personal experience, the team understands that their clients are real people with real problems, and as such the firm is very sensitive to situations that each of its clients is facing. Among the largest issues affecting the firm’s client base today is the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, which has affected a majority of people in southwest Florida in a negative sense. Drawing on the extensive insurance experience of several of its members, the firm has been successful in assisting numerous clients with insurance claims due to damage caused by the storm. In addition, the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has had a significant impact on the entire estate planning industry, and the Blackwell, Vishio & Fisher team is working closely with its clients to counsel them through the various changes arising out of this law. Looking ahead, the future looks bright for Blackwell, Vishio & Fisher. Recently, the firm’s Estero expansion has served the firm well, as civic plans show a predicted influx of more than 5000 families to Estero over the next 3-5 years. That combined with the fact that, according to a recent news report, Lee County, Florida was the fastest growing county in all of Florida in 2017, means that there will be an ever-increasing need for legal services over the coming years, which Blackwell, Vishio & Fisher is prepared to meet. Ultimately, potential clients have more choices than ever. Not only with a growing number of attorneys, but with more and more options on the Internet. This requires Blackwell, Vishio & Fisher to be ever ready to adapt to society’s changing needs. Recognition of these ever changing needs puts the firm in good stead to be at the forefront of a dynamic legal industry while still preparing for the future. Blackwell, Vishio & Fisher is a dynamic law firm with offices in Estero, in Lee County, and Naples, in Collier County as well as a satellite office in Miami, in Dade County. Additionally, the firm services clients in Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte and Monroe counties in southwest Florida, as well as Volusia, Broward and Palm Beach counties. From business or insurance disputes to real estate issues to planning how a client might pass along assets to their heirs to personal injuries of all sorts, Blackwell, Vishio & Fisher has the skills and experience to obtain the best result possible for whatever problem a client might face. Together, the partners and attorneys have over 80 years of collective experience in a multitude of legal disciplines, ranging from real estate, to insurance law, to estate planning, to construction law, to personal injury. Additionally, the attorneys at Blackwell, Vishio & Fisher have experience handling major cases in Florida, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey, LE180032 Company: Blackwell, Vishio & Fisher, PLLC Contact: Jason N. Vishio, Esquire Address: 801 Anchor Rode Dr Ste 203A, Naples FL 34103-274, USA Phone: 239 703 7210 Website: