Q4 2019

6 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q4 2019 , Assembling Success An international group specialising in the development of automation and assembly solutions, Mondragon Assembly is a leading pioneer in the industry. Creating new and innovative production and assembly technologies, discover why this company is one of 2019’s best for providing global assembly and equipment solutions. The Mondragon Corporation that was founded sixty-five years ago, inside it, Mondragon Assembly delivers high-quality development and automation assembly solutions across the world. The group currently has six production plants in Spain (HQ), France, China, Germany, Mexico and Brazil, as well as a subsidiary in India. With a global network of commercial offices in leading world economies, the firm operates in numerous sectors such as solar energy, automotive, domestic appliance components, cosmetics, medical devices, and electronic components. Since the firm’s creation in 1977, Mondragon Assembly has been committed to innovation in achieving growth. Dedicating large resources to promoting new research and development, the firm’s already comprehensive service offerings are continuously extended. With over forty years’ experience in creating innovative production and assembly line solutions, Mondragon Assembly are not just one of the world’s premier producers of assembly line solutions. The firm are also at the cutting-edge of developing new technologies. In 2002, the company acquired it’s own technology centre, aimed at developing and capturing technologies in the areas of solar energy, special machinery, and new business. This allows the company to constantly offer their clients the very best services by remaining at the forefront of any industrial developments. Developments in solar technology allow for new photovoltaic module production technologies, including lead-free soldering, conductive adhesives for flexible cells, and multiwire interconnection. Special machinery research has yielded new automation technologies in self-learning, self-aware and collaborative robots who share a space alongside operators. Energy storage also hold exciting developments, with the production of lithium-ion module assembly lines that have cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch cells. All top-quality Mondragon Assembly materials are subject to rigorous quality controls, before being manufactured into the products. These stringent processes can help ensure the safety of everyone who interacts with the products, in collaboration with companies and institutions who certify the quality of the products. Complying with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the firm are both quality-assured and environmentally-aware respectively, giving clients that extra peace of mind throughout the process. Not only environmentally- aware, Mondragon Assembly is a socially responsible group, committed to people as well as the environment. Constantly making important efforts to develop new applications and manufacturing systems, the firm’s aim is to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, and favour sustainable development. One of the production plants in particular, Mondragon Assembly in Mexico, since 2003 aims to design and develop integrated solution in automation for North America. In addition to this, the plant aims to go over and above the sale of equipment, as well as providing a service to their clients which inspires a great amount of trust in the firm. Ultimately, the success of Mondragon Assembly is down to their considerable experience in delivering automation solutions for over forty years. Working on a global scale to deliver for key industries, this company’s commitment to innovation and growth will see them continue to expand and deliver on their promise of top-quality solutions that are adapted to client needs. Company: Mondragon Assembly, S.A. De C.V. Website: www.mondragon-assembly.com