Q4 2019

14 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q4 2019 , New Recruits eCGlobal hires former DIRECTV Vice President and expands its presence in Latin America. With more than 15 years of experience in Brazil, Mexico and the United States, eCGlobal is a technology company specializing in CXI (Customer Experience & Intelligence) solutions. Recently, it has decided to expand its operations in Latin America to help companies in the region improve their ability to attract and retain customers, innovate in more agile and efficient market research, whilst increasing the return on their marketing and advertising investments. “ECGlobal has created the most complete and innovative social networking platform to generate consumer and brand insights and relationships, eCGlobal. com. This integrates highly segmented communities with artificial intelligence technology, as well as big data analytics. An agile, scalable and customizable for each company, which already has more than one and a half million active participants in Latin America “, comments Adriana Rocha, co-founder and CEO of eCGlobal. “These days, people are increasingly connected to the interactive world. This drives faster decision-making, requiring companies to be more agile in implementing their marketing and innovation strategies in product and service development. The market is looking for new solutions and eCGlobal has created an innovative platform that meets this demand “, adds Adriana. The expansion of eCGlobal in the region involves opening offices in Buenos Aires in Argentina , and Bogota in Colombia. And to lead its local new business and regional customer service team, eCGlobal brought in Gustavo Majerowicz , former Senior Vice President of DIRECTV Latin America. “ ECGlobal has a portfolio of innovative solutions that will benefit many regional companies. ALLDIENCE, for example, is a technology that allows us to measure multimedia campaign consumption as well as audience ratings on any platform, helping advertisers optimize their campaigns and communication messages based on performance data and audience feedback in time. real “, comments Gustavo.

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