Latin America News Q4 2018

6 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q3 2018 , Creating an Extraordinary Experience Hacienda Los Compadres isMexican cuisine restaurant andmeat cuts with the flavor that distinguishes them in theNorth, a tradition in Saltillo. Taking time to provide us with an insight into the restaurant is JuanAntonio Aguirre Destenave, who revealsmore about what itmeans to have been selected as the Best Dining Experience 2018 – Saltillo. To have received the accolade Best Dining Experience 2018 – Saltillo is a great honor. Everyone here at Hacienda Los Compadres is excited to know that the work, effort, dedication and passion that we inject every day is rewarded through this award. We are convinced that one of the ways of representing the culture of a country is through its cuisine, its gastronomy, colours, scents and unparalleled flavors that make Mexican cuisine stand out in the world and makes us feel proud of, knowing that through this award we have the opportunity to put it in the highest, the culinary combinations that are made in Mexico speak for themselves, and are recognized internationally. By testing these combinations at Hacienda Los Compadres, we are seeking to create an extraordinary experience for the palate of our customers. Hacienda Los Compadres brings you unforgettable smells and flavors and the best gourmet experience. It pampers all your senses with unique dishes from the region and fusion of the contemporary Mexico. Restaurante Hacienda Los Compadres presents a style of Mexican gourmet cuisine taking care of the traditional techniques of Mexican cuisine by collecting a wide range of ingredients and methods to prepare these dishes. We are located in a privileged area of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, where a contemporary concept of Mexican cuisine is cooked. Its flavors are expressions of the forms of national and regional cuisine, making a perfect contrast between the rustic of our concept and the luxury of the contemporary, but always rooted in the hacienda of the last century design, keeping our sarape roots in their colours impregnated in walls and details that make up our furniture based on woods from our region which matches the terraces and squares where the sunlight shines on every colour, shape and texture that only in LA HACIENDA can be experienced. At Hacienda “Los Compadres”, we are characterized by the Mexican tradition and cannot avoid talking about the famous artisan homemade bread that you can perceive the smell and flavors from our ovens as soon as you enter our place. The kitchen of Los Compadres is a kitchen of a compromising creation and that endears, a daring and an avant-garde cuisine that strangely keeps its purely Mexican roots, purely creole, displaying our great wealth as a nation, the design of each dish with historical elements such as chili, Mexican noodle, black bean cream, ash, homemade mole, corn tortillas, which help to make a revolution in the palate of each diner. Each cardinal point of our land is on our menu, from a southern rice, as well as our delicious seafood from the northwest, the goats of the blessed north and how can we miss mentioning our star dish, a fusion of sea and land which is a lobster tail and a Rib eye flamed with the sotol of the house and our zarandeado that makes the hacienda a unique, unrepeatable and unique WR180044 experience, the kitchen of the hacienda is daringly traditional. Our purpose is to transmit to our clients the legacy of the Mexican and Regional Gastronomy in a feast of flavors, scents and traditions, creating a quality atmosphere to be enjoyed with Family and Friends; which makes it a preferential place. Lastly, this is the first International award that allows us to be known worldwide and we invite everybody to know us and enjoy a gastronomic experience in the style of Los Compadres! Contact: Juan Antonio Aguirre Destenave Company: Hacienda Los Compadres Address: Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio 2510, Saltillo, 25204, Mexico Telephone: +52 844 688 5684