Q2 2020

6 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q2 2020 , Best of Brazil’s Legal Brilliance Winning one award is a recognition of something truly special, but double-award-winning success is something else entirely. Establishing itself as a cut above the rest is the Brazilian lawfirm, FrancoMontoro e Peixoto Advogados Associados, or simply FMP. In the Latin America Business Awards 2019, the firmwas crowned Best Civil Litigation Firm in Brazil, and two lawyers in particular were paid special attention for their legal prowess in administrative law; Paulo Peixoto and João Paulo Duenhas. Join us as we examine the firm’s excellence that has been so rightfully recognised. Headquartered at its offices in São Paulo, FMP is a highly qualified law firm, offering a wide variety of meticulous and top-quality services to clients requiring them in a myriad of the legal industry’s many sectors. However, as part of the firm’s dedication to excellence, it also provides its employees with a tremendous working environment that is built on foundations of respect and the pursuit of personal development. By housing the workforce in such a positive and goal-oriented environment, the success and achievements of FMP itself can be largely attributed to the excellence that staff display on a daily basis. FMP functions as a medium- sized law firm in the heart of São Paulo that has been built on the life of Professor Dr André Franco Montoro. A former senator and governor of the state of São Paulo and law professor at Faculty of Law of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Dr Franco Montoro is an influential figure in the country’s past. Carrying on his legacy of legal excellence, FMP exists to serve the memory of Dr Franco Montoro through constantly delivering law services that go above and beyond the call of duty. Nov19505 Pantone 627C Preto 100% Across São Paulo, the team at FMP deliver consistently outstanding legal services across areas of law that include taxation, labour, corporate, mergers and acquisitions, public administration, and litigation. On top of the firm’s commitment to delivering its own legal excellence, the firm also offers consultancy work for those working or involved in cases around environmental law, criminal law, international law, foreign trade, real estate, litigation, and arbitration. In the areas of judicial and administrative litigation in particular, FMP provides assistance and monitoring services in civil, tax, labour, and criminal proceedings across the southeast region of Brazil, as well as in the nation’s Superior Courts. The firm also has agreements with similar law firms in some of Brazil’s major cities to support clients who have decentralized demands. However, as part of its advisory and consultancy work, FMP offers guidance and assistance to clients in the interpretation and clarification of legislation, and recent Court’s understanding in matters related to business activity. The team are also committed to provide an extensive range of legal services as assistance, far too numerous to mention. Throughout the entirety of the firm’s offerings, one thing remains; the client always receives personalized treatment through a direct channel of communication. FMP prides itself on being agile and flexible to the client’s needs, all whilst continuing to offer exemplary legal technique across so many specialized areas of law. The whole office is comprised of lawyers, interns, and office staff to ensure that there is a shared balance of work and study, creating a dynamic atmosphere and collaborative relationship between clients and lawyers at all times. Navigating the legal system can be difficult at the best of times, especially for those who are not familiar with its workings. However, with the trusted experience and expert knowledge afforded by the admirable team at FMP, any client can rest assured. Working tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for every client, FMP is fully deserving of its current success, and every achievement that will surely come. Company: Franco Montoro e Peixoto Advogados Associados Contact: Paulo Henrique Abujabra Peixoto Website: www.fmp.adv.br

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