Q2 2020

14 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q2 2020 , Rodifex Roll On Being truly unique is something to be proud of, and as one of only two companies existing in the field of chrome anilox rollers, Grupo Industrial Rodifex S.A.S. is a truly unique firm. To add to the firm’s uniqueness, it was recently crowned the Best Chrome Anilox Rollers Manufacturer 2019 in the Latin America Business Awards 2019. To find out more about how this Mexican company earned such excellence and recognition in the field, we profile it in this latest issue of Latin America News. First appearing on the market in the 1980s, Rodifex is a 100% Mexican company that is in the unique position of being one out of only two companies currently existing in the field it operates in. Over the course of nearly four decades, Rodifex has remained wholly dedicated to giving advice and also excelling in the manufacture and rehabilitation of chrome anilox roller in different lines. Providing services to clients all over the Mexican Republic, Southern United States, some of the wider United States, and a handful of countries in Central America, the firm has been a pioneer for the industry for more than twenty years. The clients and companies that Rodifex has served over the years includes companies dedicated to flexographic and offset printing, as well as factories involved in engraving toilet paper, napkin Dec19344 paper, embossing in plastic, cardboard, laminate, and engravings in beta wood. Working with no shortage of materials, Rodifex has completed a myriad of projects during its time. These include the successful manufacturing and repairing embossed rollers in high and low relief, applying metallized and industrial-strength hard chrome and electrolytic copper to rollers and arrows, and fitting roller coating on different types of rubber, neoprene, silicone, Hypalon, ebonite, polyurethane, and much more. Backed by forty years in the market, with national and international recognition, Rodifex has cultivated a reputation of excellence for itself that cannot be argued with. That reputation has been built upon years and years of hard work and dedication, but also the delivery of exceptional results. Rodifex houses some of the best trained technicians all over the world who can meet every single need a client may have. When coupled with the best prices and turnaround times available on the market today, Rodifex is offering far more than simply brilliant work with chrome anilox rollers. It is the brilliance of the service provided and the manner in which it is provided. This Mexican firm has refined and mastered the art of excellent customer service, whilst delivering outstanding results on top of that. The result is one of the best companies around in terms of quality, cost, and a guarantee of exceptionality. In each and every single project, the reputation keeps on growing and getting better. Every single day, Rodifex is wholly committed to providing quality and the best service possible to all of its clients. This desire to better, both technically and humanely, every day is at the heart of the firm’s mission to drive forward Mexican business and its own success. With a view to staying in the market for a long time yet, Rodifex has already cemented its position as a leader in the development and commercialization of the services and products it offers. As clients seek nothing but the best option, Rodifex is certainly the way to go. Company: Grupo Industrial Rodifex S.A.S. Contact: Raul Felix Website: www.rodifex.com.mx

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