Q2 2020

12 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q2 2020 , Fostering First-Rate Financial Advice As one of the few professionals in Costa Rica who understand works with both the US and Costa Rican tax systems and compliance regulations, Robert Pioso is a truly unique and exceptional individual. After moving to Costa Rica in 2009, he founded Rich Coast Accounting and Financial Services in 2012. Now, it is the recipient of the award for Best Full-Service Accounting Practice 2019 - Costa Rica, and we take a closer look to find out why it deserves that award. With more than two and a half decades of invaluable experience as a certified public accountant licensed in the state of Illinois, Robert Pioso has been working with and understanding the American and Costa Rican financial systems for a long time. During that time, he has since refined his knowledge of tax systems, accounting compliance and regulation matters, and business planning matters, whilst building a reputation for excellence in the industry. Now, Robert and his business, Rich Coast Accounting, boast extensive experience in financial, operational, and internal control matters of Costa Rican businesses and the regulatory environment for successfully operating small businesses. Rich Coast Accounting serves a wide variety of clients all over Costa Rica, providing no end of exceptional financial and accounting services. He also provides sage counsel and wisely reviews cross-border tax structures between the United States and Costa Rica to create tax savings and minimization strategies for clients. Robert also ensures that every single one of his clients is fully compliant with national and international tax law and regulations across the United States and Costa Rica, whilst finding them Nov19145 these excellent strategies and processes. Originally hailing form the United States Midwest, Robert’s experience includes a career that has spanned two large CPA firms, as well as acting as the CFO of a real estate development and timeshare company. A fitting testament to the uniqueness and individuality of Robert’s excellence is that he is one of only three recognized tax professionals in Costa Rica, by the Internal Revenue Service. With offices in both San Jose and Guanacaste, and a team of six expert professionals, Robert and Rich Coast Accounting are the perfect choice for a myriad of clients looking to have their financial needs met in Costa Rica. Those needs could span a huge number of areas, from bookkeeping and tax planning, to cost segregation studies and internal control assessments, to compliance planning and new company registration services. All of the areas that a business could need help with in terms of finance, Rich Coast Accounting has it covered. Need a new way of tracking, organizing, and managing finances? Rich Coast Accounting can do that. Finding taxation hard to understand, but don’t want to pay more than you have to? Rich Coast Accounting has the answers. Understanding that operating a new business in a foreign country can be very challenging, Robert and the entire team at Rich Coast Accounting work tirelessly to ensure that clients have access to all the expertise they could possibly need. It isn’t just standing by the Costa Rican tax systems and financial compliance regulations. Even for businessowners based in the United States, there is a requirement to file an income tax return, even if the source that income is outside of the country. Rich Coast Accounting can help with that. Costa Rica currently remains one of the safest and most attractive countries for foreign investment in Latin America, as well as being a highly popular tourist destination given its closeness to mainland United States. Understanding foreign investment like few others, Robert Pioso and his team at Rich Coast Accounting are more than happy to be the first port of call for anyone looking for expert advice and help with their financial needs upon moving to Costa Rica. Company: Rich Coast Accounting and Financial Services Contact: Robert Pioso Website: www.richcoastaccounting.com

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