Q2 2020

10 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q2 2020 , Citadel of Crisis Security Founded in 2011, Arcis International has since evolved over the last nine years to become one of the finest international crisis management consultancies currently at work in the world today. Created to fill in the gap between consultants and security operators, Arcis is today the recipient of the title of Best International Crisis Management Consultancy 2019, courtesy of Latin America News. Following this latest success, we profile the firm to learnmore. Upon its foundation, Arcis headquartered in Washington DC, one of the world capitals for global political and security power. Subsequently, as the firm grew and expanded its services, it then opened offices in Mexico in 2015 and Africa in 2018. This global network of consulting expertise comes together under the Arcis banner, delivering focused and specialized consultancy work that works to design and implement solutions that produce results, mitigate risks, and give clients peace of mind wherever they operate. Unique in its offerings and expansive in its global network of experience to draw upon, Arcis ensures that every one of its clients is provided with an evolving suite of services that adapt to their every need. The name Arcis itself is indicative of the strength and fortitude that the firm shows in its every project with clients. Drawn from the Latin word arx, or arcis, the name itself means citadel, stronghold, or fortress. Citadels were designed as defensive in nature, used to protect government leaders in times of peace, and act as a place of refuge for citizens in times of crisis. Traditionally built at the most strategic location, citadels gave defenders an advantage over adversaries and were usually the last line of defense. Just like a citadel, Arcis is a strategic consulting firm that works tirelessly Dec19294 to help clients solve complex issues with unique solutions that very few other firms can contemplate, let alone provide. More than just a business, Arcis is a problem-solver and a relationship-focused consultant unlike any other. The extensive global network of dedicated consultants, analysts, and security professionals are ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice, as is the whole Arcis team. Supporting various projects of all shapes and sizes, the core service was and continues to be crisis management. Crises can arise from anywhere, and pose any level of threat to a business, but handling them efficiently and effectively can be done with the right help. Arcis provides that help, and has evolved over the years to include technology-savvy solutions and a Guard Force division. Responding to an international incident or crisis is about far more than simply speed. Rapid deployment can only get so far, but truly addressing a crisis is about understanding the underlying issues behind it, and using that knowledge to put together the best possible options for a successful resolution. That is what Arcis does, ensuring that a crisis does not escalate. Rather, it ensures that solutions and options are well-rehearsed exercises that can be flawlessly executed when needed most. The firm is more than just a consultancy or an advisory service; it treats every crisis as though it were affecting it directly. Whether it be the evacuation of personnel and assets, managing extorsions, malicious product tampering incidents, or kidnap for ransom negotiations, Arcis brings all of its considerable experience to each event. To do this, it builds a trusted partnership with clients, which feeds an understanding of their realities, objectives, and limitations. Where applicable, the firm also works with insurance providers to facilitate the response process in events covered by special risk insurance. Every single of the consultants assigned to work on the Arcis crisis response division have decades of experience in different parts of the world, and are subject matter experts in their respective fields of operation. Calmness and level-headedness can go a long way in a crisis, and those traits can often be found in places that are a safe haven from the chaos happening outside. Arcis is that safe place, that towering citadel of security when things go wrong. The team are incredibly proficient at handling crises of any nature, and with their wealth of expertise, are the perfect choice for any international crisis management needs. Company: Arcis International Contact: Francisco Quinones Web: www.arcisinternational.com

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