Q2 2019

LATINAMERICANEWS / Q2 2019 15 The Marchesini Group at Expo Pack Guadalajara 2019 as ampoules and vial, in the same tray, or the Z version (Zero Cross Waste), a greener and more economical machine due to waste reduction. The second Robovision transfers the tray into the carton. Also in this case, the use of robotics eliminates intermediate steps thus saving time and money. In addition, it allows greater protection of the package, the direct stacking of the trays into the cartoner buckets and also the possibility to orient the products aligning them in specific packs in order to fully exploit the format volume. Unica lines are assembled at the Blister & Farcon Division in Carpi. The plant - a smart industrial factory, while still catering for tailored products - was inaugurated in October 2016. It has become the biggest production hub of thermoforming machinery in Italy, with 15,000 square meters and an investment of 14 million Euro. Carpi’s Blister & Farcon Division has been built using exclusively “Made in Italy” products. It exploits renewable energy sources to minimise harmful emissions and generates 40% of its own energy needs. The heat and energy of machinery is recycled and converted into heat and hot water, thus ensuring a completely emission-free heating system.