Q1 2020

6 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q1 2020 , Helping To Solve The World’s Plastic Waste Problem Enexor BioEnergy launches Plastic-To-Energy system to help solve world’s plastic waste problem. Enexor BioEnergy (“Enexor”), an organic waste to energy company, has recently announced the release of its on- site, small-scale plastics-to-energy technology – the PTE-200™ (“System”), which converts unrecyclable plastics into affordable clean energy (75kW power and 125kW thermal). Enexor’s PTE-200™ is modular and scalable, with a rugged design that can be easily installed and monitored in some of the world’s most remote locations. On a mission to help solve the world’s organic and plastic waste problem, Enexor is developing systems that take into account the most impoverished communities in the world – those struggling with energy poverty and a rampant plastic waste problem. The System is another innovative solution by Enexor to help close the circular economy loop by deriving value from waste. The PTE-200’s™ design is built for installation near the source of plastic pollution, removing unrecyclable plastics from the waste stream entering rivers and oceans, and ultimately providing 24/7 continuous power critical to remote communities. “The majority of the world’s plastic pollution is located where the most disadvantaged people in the world live. These areas are also the most energy-deprived,” said Lee Jestings, Founder and CEO of Enexor. “Our PTE-200™ systems can be installed where they are needed the most – at the convergence of plastic waste and energy impoverished communities. No one solution is going to solve this problem overnight, but we believe the PTE-200™ is another viable resource to help solve this growing problem.” Additional applications for the PTE-200™ include converting residual, unrecyclable plastic waste from material recycling facilities and industrial waste applications into clean energy. “As a company, we are committed to developing sustainable and small-scale organic waste to energy systems that help solve two important problems – energy poverty and plastic pollution – to make an essential social impact one community at a time.” Enexor’s PTE-200™ distributed energy system will commence installations in Q3 starting in Latin America and Asia.