Q1 2020

26 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q1 2020 , LITE-ON aims to lead the adoption of intelligent manufacturing among customers in Central and South America at EXPOManufacturing 2020. LITE-ON Technology Corporation has long developed automotive LED lighting, street lighting and outdoor lighting in Central and South America; The Mexican factory was expanded two years ago to increase its capacity and fulfill its commitment to serve global customers. In response to the huge Industrial Control market in Central and South America, LITE-ON participated in EXPO Manufacturing 2020 yesterday (February 11). Guided by the ISA-8E Servo System and the EVO 8000S Converter Series, LITE-ON aims to meet the needs of local industrial automation customers seeking stable quality, optimal cost-performance and high customization flexibility. With the development of Industry 4. 0 in Latin America and the rapid growth of local production, LITE-ON Industrial Automation focuses on the business opportunities of the three main industries: textiles, footwear and automotive production. LITE-ON Industrial Automation believes that the growth of the general industrial control business will drive the region. Ken Cheng , general manager of LITE-ON Industrial Automation, comments that, “LITE-ON Industrial Automation has continued to expand its distribution network this year, based on its commitment to its global customers. After its successful entry into the Industrial Automation market of the United States in 2019, the company has been deployed successively in India , Turkey, Argentina and Brazil. We hope to deepen development in Central and South America, and develop the comprehensive global territory of presale and after-sales services. In the future, we also expect North American customers to use the LITE-ON Mexico services a connection point with North America. By offering products directly from Mexico, we will accelerate your delivery time and we can respond flexibly to customer needs.” Preceded by a cost-effective series of Converter Series, the advanced version of the Converter Series EVO 8000S from LITE-ON Industrial Automation was presented at EXPO Manufacturing; The new version allows the extension of the power to 110 kW, achieves up to 200% of initial torque and supports EtherCAT communication, and thus meets the needs of the local textile industry. The new ISA-8E Servo System was also exhibited in Mexico, which emphasizes a single-channel communication system for transfer, supports EtherCAT communication, benefits customers with its excellent real-time response and can achieve control of complex and precise movements. The resolution of the 23-bit engine encoder can help customers meet precise movement control needs, especially for the local automotive production industry. Meeting The Needs Of Local Industrial Automation Customers