Latin America News Q1 2019

14 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q1 2019 , GlobeNet Offers New Premium Anti-DDoS Gold Mitigation Service Company’s NewCybersecurity Offering Provides Increased Flexibility for International Carriers and Latin American Service Providers GlobeNet, the leading and fastest- growing wholesale provider of telecom infrastructure in the Americas, announces today that it is offering a new, state-of-the-art Anti- DDoS Gold mitigation service. Having restructured its original DDoS mitigation offering into a Gold and Silver level, GlobeNet has enhanced its ability to meet the differing and stringent requirements of its customers. The average DDoS attack has enlarged significantly in size over the past year, a growth of approximately 500% since 2017. Industry analysts warn that cyber criminals can exploit IoT- connected devices and botnets to create large scale DDoS attacks that cripple mission- critical network traffic. As a result, service providers, carriers and other telecommunications operators must take extra precautions in guarding their bandwidth against unexpected, costly downtime. “GlobeNet’s Anti-DDoS Gold and Silver levels provide an effective solution to the growing scale of modern DDoS attacks,” notes Eduardo Falzoni, CEO of GlobeNet. “With this restructuring, our customers now have the enhanced flexibility to choose the product that will best suit their needs. Both services provide 24/7 network protection without the need for organizations to make costly capital investments in their own anti-DDoS solutions. As a result, we ensure peace of mind for our clients’ mission-critical infrastructure and traffic. Key features of GlobeNet’s Anti- DDoS Gold mitigation service include: • Service packages measured in minutes • No limit of clean bandwidth or volume of mitigated attack • Flexibility in protection policies • Early detection of malicious traffic • Ability to mitigate high- volume attacks • Ability to mitigate protocol and application attacks • Dynamic detection and neutralization of attacks To learn more about GlobeNet and its Gold and Silver Anti- DDoS solutions, visit the company’s website at