2019 Mexican Business Excellence Awards

6 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Mexican Business Excellence Awards 2019 , Casa de Mita Best Adult-Only Boutique Hotel - Nayarit Surrounded by lush sandy beaches and sumptuous views of theMexican coast, Casa deMita is an upscale villa style boutique hotel. In celebration of the establishment’s success in the 2019 Mexican Business Excellence Awards we profile it and share an overview of the exceptional guest experience it offers to every visitor. Welcoming discerning guests from around the world, Casa de Mita combines beautiful surroundings with exquisite dining options, luxurious accommodation and quality hospitably. As a result, the hotel prides itself in exceeding every guest’s expectations, however high they may be. Casa de Mita team firmly believe that being a boutique hotel is defined by the establishment’s attitude to Jul19223 hospitality, and as such they take guest service seriously, and are committed to making every visitor feel truly pampered and valued. Staff add a personal flourish to every interaction, service and solution they offer to their clients, ensuring that they feel welcomed and supported when they visit Casa de Mita. The internal culture at this stunning hotel revolves around client service and ensuring excellence in everything for the benefit of guests. Set in Punta de Mita, an undiscovered gem, the establishment aims to provide its visitors the best that the region has to offer. Initially built as a luxury residential destination, with a few upscale larger chain hotels, the area is perfect for the smaller concept or boutique hotel, such as Casa De Mita, that can cater to a well-heeled traveler. Ultimately, Casa de Mita has achieved a strong reputation for excellence in the Mexican hospitality space, and as part of its focus on enhancing this, moving forward the hotel will continue to listen to feedback from staff and guests to ensure it offers the best experience possible for its esteemed visitors. Company: Casa de Mita Name: Marc Lindskog & Federico Pintos Address: Playa Careyeros, Punta de Mita, Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Mexico 63734 Telephone Number: +523292984114 Web Address: casademita.com

http://casademita.com/ http://grupoferrer.com/ https://csimex.com.mx/ https://moceingenieria.com.mx/ https://www.enfoque-creativo.com.mx/