Mexico Business Awards 2018

LATINAMERICANEWS / Mexican Business Excellence Awards 2018 9 , Best Event Production Management Company 2018 Showrent covers the production needs for corporate, social and artistic events for all clients, and can boast state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated and professional team. We profiled the business as we look to explore the secrets behind its extensive success. clients on a variety of shows, and has subsequently been named in the Mexican Business Excellence Awards as the Best Event Production Management Company in 2018. Operating within the event production industry, it is vital that the team at Showrent is adaptable, versatile and able to deliver results alongside unrivalled customer service. The team aims to work with qualified companies, and boasts a sterling reputation having worked famous brands and companies such as Nokia, Renault, Honda, Nissan and Dell, to simply name a few. Essentially, it is Showrent’s ability to provide clients with the best technology that the industry can offer when putting on an event, and the company lays claims to the best audio-visual technology available, including pitch-led screens, illumination and professional audio. With VR and augmented reality playing an increasingly dominant part in the industry, Showrent is showcasing its ability in the sector. Contributing to Showrent’s continuous success has been the company’s striking ability to mark itself out as the best possible option for clients. When working with the business, clients have observed that Showrent is able to separate itself out from the crowd thanks to its exceptional service and client satisfaction. Additionally, to keep up with every development, the team works hard to update and maintain all the necessary technology and equipment required to ensure success. Being based in Mexico, there is plenty for Showrent to look forward to. The team at Showrent are planning to highlight all the benefits of Mexico to clients and companies, and using its international reach and working with well-renowned names, Showrent is continuing to put Mexico on the map. Looking to capitalise on its recent success, there is optimism amongst the team at Showrent about what the future holds for the business. The team will continue to make an important investment on new technology, and is currently developing new ways for clients to reach the Showrent team, across various platforms on the internet. MEX18014 Company: Showrent Contact: Alejandro Saldívar Address: Mexico City Phone: 005255 26143112 Website: Based in Mexico, Showrent is an event production management company, comprised of a team holding over 15 years of experience. Working with a number of clients, the team is specialized in putting on corporate events, having worked with many high-profile