Mexico Business Awards 2018

LATINAMERICANEWS / Mexican Business Excellence Awards 2018 15 , Best Casual Dining Restaurant 2018 - Northern Baja California Pimentos Restoran is an innovative eatery offering a range of delicious dishes designed to showcase the passion and creative flare of Owner, Founder and Head Chef Ricardo Llerena. We profile the establishment to gain a fascinating insight into how Ricardo aims to dazzle his diners with sumptuous dishes that they remember fondly forever. Situated in the mountains of La Rumorosa, Pimentos Restoran offers diners a truly unique experience. With a snowy climate, the region itself is world’s away from the rest of the country, and as such guests are already in awe from the moment they arrive. This wonder is continued when they enter this casual establishment, which boasts a scent of rich, fresh dishes. Ricardo plants his own aromatic herbs, which are used in all of his dishes, which provide a fresh and revitalising scent which permeates throughout the restaurant. From the start Ricardo aimed to offer a vast array of dishes at Pimentos Restoran. Over the years he has noticed a growing trend for large, industrial style kitchens churning out the same unflavoured food. Drawing on his passion for rich, flavourful food and unique dishes, Ricardo opened his restaurant with a view to providing delicious dishes from around the world so that his guests could experience a wide variety of cuisine. As a result of Ricardo’s passion and enthusiasm, combined with his delicious cooking, Pimentos Restoran has attracted a wide variety of guests over the years, and Ricardo has noticed a trend for guests returning again and again, often bringing their families with them. On occasion he has had the privilege of serving up to three generations of the same family, and as such he has been inspired to constantly adapt and enhance his menu with sumptuous delicacies from around the world. Moving forward, Ricardo is keen to build upon his current success and entice even more guests to sample his delightful cooking and exceptional hospitality at Pimentos Restoran. To this end, he is currently expanding the restaurant, and working on adding a large area where he can host parties, celebrations and even weddings. This exciting developments offers Ricardo many great opportunities which he is looking forward to taking advantage of over the years to come. MEX18016 Company: Pimentos Restoran Contact: Ricardo Llerena Address: KM 74.5 Carretera Libre a Tecate, Parque Eólico 1, 21510 La Rumorosa, Mexico Phone: 0052 1686 573 5990