Mexico Business Awards 2018

12 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Mexican Business Excellence Awards 2018 , Best Packaging Design Company 2018 Empack Graphics is an innovative consulting rm specialized in consumer product development, helping companies build successful brands through excellent packaging, exciting communication and state of the art support. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its phenomenal success. Established in 2007, Empack Graphics brings deep contributions for industry-leading multinational companies, to bring better packaging through Design, focused on the implementation of strategic marketing for the success of consumer products at retail. Focused on the development and implementation of communication strategies & Design for domestic and international Brands, Building and participate in brand strengthening through creativity and a differentiated thinking approach, thus permitting a brand profiting increase. Making brands that are more desirable to consumers and more profitable for brand owners. We do this by bringing together the right combination of brand development and deployment services to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of brands. Empack Graphics combine strategy and ambition to create a visual idea that makes your product stand out in the crowd, since the creation of the name, product shots to line extensions we support companies to develop brands and position in the minds of consumers. The right creative idea is one of the most important tools for differentiating your brand from your competitors. Empack design professionals listen to what you are saying and can quickly focus in on your vision and translate your ideas and brand strategy into concepts and designs that will most definitely put your brand front and centre in the mind of the consumer. Their production art experts bridge the gap between design and prepress steps, building mechanicals to specific printing processes, while maintaining brand continuity. The firm’s dedicated production art departments have an extensive range of capabilities including: Packaging regulatory expertise (Beverage, Food, Personal Care, Home Care and Electronics, etc.), Style guide execution with the ability to maintain brand across various product lines, structures, and printing process, Mock-up production for cartons, labels, heat seal pouches and bags using multiple stocks and several different processes. As a specialist in packaging design and printing solutions the Agency support their clients with some fundamental business practices that can help, our state- of-the art- color management systems allows clients to improve brand consistency, we provide documentation, training, technicals audits, measurement and database recording, reporting and continuous improvement to achieve optimal results. Empack Graphics has been helping clients control color management challenges for many years and our success has resulted in long-term client relationships that are built on trust and quality of work. Among the firm’s satisfied clients are household names including Mondelez, Mattel, Sigma Alimentos, Heineken, Home Depot, Soriana and Pepsico. Moving forward, Empack Graphics will continue to offer quality support and innovative solutions to its valued clients as it seeks to build upon its current success. MEX18013