Issue 3 2017

LATINAMERICANEWS / Issue 3 2017 5 NEWS , On Monday 6th November 2017 at World Travel Market, the UK’s most prominent tourism trade exhibition, Peru’s tourism body, PROMPERÚ, officially unveiled their new international marketing campaign - ‘Peru, the richest country in the world’. ‘Peru, the richest country in the world’ embraces a new concept for the term ‘wealth’, and reimagines what ‘being rich’ is really about. The campaign moves away from one-dimensional destination advertising and aims to disrupt the marketplace by presenting a contemporary creative strategy based on a current trend – the new perception that being rich is based on experiences, including travel, not acquiring more material possessions. The marketing campaign is presented in the form of a documentary-style film following Peru’s “trail of riches” to enjoy Peru in all its glorious guises; ancient history, adventure, nature and culture. The campaign’s promotional film will be rolled out via digital and social media advertising, with teaser trailers to entice viewers to watch the full inspirational video. Peru is a country blessed with an abundance of natural, cultural and historical attractions offering visitors genuinely fulfilling experiences. The goal of the “Peru, the richest country in the world” campaign is to further position the country as a Italmatch Chemicals, a mass Global Specialty Chemical Group leader in the production and marketingofperformance additives for lubricants, industrial water & process treatment, oil & gas, and plastics, has acquired Sudamfos do Brasil, a leading Brazilian distribution company, specialized in marketing of phosphonates, phosphates and other specialty chemical products, through its recently created local subsidiary Italmatch Do Brasil Partipações Ltda. This transaction will give Italmatch Chemicals a stronger presence in the Latin American market, as well as reinforces the overseas growth and development recently undertaken by the Group in the American Continent. It, indeed, follows the recent acquisition of Compass Chemical International, a leading North American independent chemical company specialising in the production and marketing of water and oil performance additives. Sergio Iorio, the CEO of Italmatch Chemicals, stated “This new acquisition signals our entry into a market of great interest and potential for the Group, such as Latin America, where the Group will benefit from the know-how and the local experience of Sudamfos do Brasil”. “This transaction represents a further milestone in the development and internationalization strategy undertaken by Italmatch Chemicals, following the recent acquisition of Compass Chemical International in North America” concluded Iorio. “I am honoured and proud to join the Advisory Board of Italmatch Do Brasil; Italmatch Chemicals is an exceptionally strong brand, highly trusted worldwide by its customers and stakeholders. I am looking forward to assisting the Group in achieving a significant growth in the coming years” declared Andrea Iorio, member of the Advisory Board (Conselho Consultivo) of Italmatch Do Brasil.” Founded in 1997, Italmatch Chemicals, is a leading innovative chemical group, specialized in performance additives for lubricants, water treatment, oil & gas and plastics, and boasts a wide product range able fulfil the requirements of the most demanding applications, including personal care. The group generates 340 million Euros in revenues and operates through six manufacturing plants in Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany and UK), four in Asia Pacific (China and Japan), two in North America (USA) and sales/distribution subsidiaries in Belgium, China, Japan, India, Poland, Singapore and the USA. It employs over 500 workers. Ardian, the largest European independent private investment company, acquired the majority of Italmatch Chemicals together with the management in July 2014 and is committed to supporting the company’s growth. multifaceted and diverse world within a world where wealth is not measured in cash, but in experience, discovery and happiness. Peru’s ‘neo-wealth’ proposition fits into the premise that the most valuable things in the world are those hardest to come by. ‘Peru, the richest country in the world’ capitalises on the reputation the country has already gained as a world-class cultural and culinary destination. The campaign is part of a long term international tourism promotion strategy which began in 2008 with the campaign ‘Peru, live the legend’. Peru then launched ‘Peru, empire of hidden treasures’ in 2012 and ‘Peru, land of hidden treasures’ in 2015 with the slogans “Don’t watch the movie, live it for real” and “Discover the you you never knew, discover Peru.” The UK is a key international market for Peru, with arrivals in 2016 increasing 9.6% year on year, and so PROMPERÚ selected WTM, the one of the world’s most prominent travel trade exhibitions held each year in London, to launch its new international campaign. The new campaign went live in 20 countries across the globe: United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Japan, Australia, Korea and China. New Transaction To Boost Italmatch Chemicals Group’s Market In Latin America Italmatch Chemicals Group acquires Sudamfos Do Brasil, a leading Brazilian company specialized in marketing of phosphonates and other specialty chemical products, through the recently founded Italmatch Do Brasil Partipações Ltda. The transaction falls into Italmatch Chemicals’ growth strategy and follows the recent acquisition of Compass Chemical International in the USA.