Issue 1 2017

22 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Issue 1 2017 , Pilot Crop Insurance Programme for Smallholder Coffee Farmers in Colombia Nestlé Nespresso SA, the pioneer and reference for highest-quality portioned coffee and BlueMarbleMicroinsurance, a consortium of eight companies with the aimof providing socially impactful, commercially viable insurance protection to the underserved, onMay 25th announced their partnership. Nespresso and Blue Marble are collaborating on the development of a pilot crop insurance programme for smallholder coffee farmers in Colombia. Smallholder coffee farmers face significant risks. Their livelihoods depend on coffee crops, which are highly vulnerable to climate change. The coffee and insurance markets do not always provide these farmers with the necessary risk transfer mechanisms for their long-term security. Nespresso, which works with over 70,000 coffee farmers around the world and Blue Marble have partnered to address this issue, starting with a pilot crop insurance programme for smallholder coffee farmers in Colombia. The objective of this programme is to enhance farmers’ welfare and address supply chain risk, incentivising investment and prosperity in the coffee growing regions. Nespresso and Blue Marble hope to encourage other players to participate in this programme. “I am delighted that Blue Marble is partnering with Nespresso,” said Joan Lamm-Tennant, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Marble. “Together, we are driving collaborative innovation across industry sectors, bundling insurance into the existing value chain of the underserved. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Nespresso given their deep understanding of the coffee farmers’ needs and their successful track record in creating shared value.” “Nespresso is committed to improving the lives of farmers who work with us to source the highest-quality, sustainable coffee in the world,” said Guillaume Le Cunff, President of Nespresso USA. “Today, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Blue Marble, an organisation equally committed to implementing innovative solutions that aim to mitigate risk and create value for coffee farmers.”