Business Awards 2019

LATINAMERICANEWS / Latin America Business Awards 2019 11 , CEO of Fidelis Marketing Group Joins Forbes Council Valentino Danchev, the experienced visionary CEO, joins exclusive Forbes community for successful business leaders to share his experience in travel and technology. Valentino Danchev (Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fidelis Marketing Group, has been accepted into the Forbes Business Development Council— an invitation-only community for successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. Membership to the Forbes Business Development Council is by invitation only, and members become part of a hand-selected and curated network of accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders who work to share their knowledge with their peers and the public, including publishing thought leadership articles and tips on industry-related topics on Forbes. com. Since 2013, Danchev has served as the founder, President and CEO of Fidelis Marketing Group. The group oversees the promotion of private recreational club memberships and tours at six luxury resorts throughout Latin America. Danchev sought to create a positive impact on the experience of travelers; the company was created to serve as an exclusive marketing company. Fidelis Marketing Group and its founder, Valentino Danchev, consistently promote the message and knowledge acquired in the tourism industry. Danchev’s unceasing effort to benefit the tourism industry is also reflected in the actions he performs for his surrounding community. He participated as a speaker in the most important forum in the industry, LASOS (The Latin American Shared Ownership Summit). “It’s a great honor to be invited to join a special group of luminaries at the Forbes Council,” said Valentino Danchev. “As a businessman that is Bulgarian- born and a Mexican citizen, I hope to offer international business insight that will resonate with professionals worldwide. My deep experience in the travel industry and my love for technology will demonstrate a unique point of view that should be valuable to Forbes readers.”