2017 Brazilian Excellence Awards

8 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Brazilian Excellence Awards 2017 , Ramboll Ramboll is an international engineering and design consultancy and provider of management consulting services to both the public and the private sector. We invited Eugenio Singer to talk us through the firmand the range of services it offers. Established in 1945, Ramboll has a global presence, especially in the Nordics, the UK, North America, South America, Continental Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, with 13,000 experts across 35 countries and more than 300 offices. Eugenio provides us with more information on the firm and the range of solutions it offers. “Ramboll is a value-based company that emphasises strong ethical standards, responsibility towards society, and satisfied employees. Our solutions meet the challenges of today’s megatrends, and we take a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to our projects. “What truly sets us apart from our competitors is that we are the newest design company in the region. With a very strong leadership, continuous talent attraction and the best diversified professionals, we benefit from the deep recession period to diversify and to create the proper environment to prosper in the market with a very strong brand and ethical performance.” As the firm’s staff are so critical to its success, Eugenio is keen to highlight how Ramboll’s internal culture is driven by its focus on the environment and how its employees are all entirely committed to excellence. “Fundamentally, Ramboll is a value-based company with four central value pairs: insight and excellence, integrity and empathy, empowerment and collaboration, and enjoyment and passion. We believe in business behaviour based on trust, transparency, integrity and professionalism. We also believe in people’s inherent abilities, and we understand that the inspirational solutions we provide to our clients depend on people’s creativity, insight and integrity. Our local experience and understanding, combined with our global expertise, our strong ethical policies, and our wholehearted determination to exceed expectations, enable us to generate innovative and exacting solutions for everything we undertake.” Staying ahead of emerging developments in the environmental space is also imperative to ensuring the company’s continued success, as Eugenio explains. “To ensure that we are always at the forefront of the latest market changes, Ramboll in Brazil has a very aggressive strategy combining its global and local marketing and branding support. We are always participating in the key events of our sectors, publishing articles, advertising, promoting seminars to our key clients and sectors and attracting talents to our company with a strong presence at the social media.” Overall, Ramboll is a leader in many sectors in the Nordics and globally. Thanks to its renewable energy leadership, the water resilience approach, strong design in buildings, transport and urban planning, unique oil and gas technologies and a very motivated, client centric staff that collaborate and win together, Ramboll in Brazil has already paved the road to a brilliant future to come, as Eugenio proudly concludes. “Looking to the future, Ramboll has prepared a strategic plan to be in the top tier of design and consulting firms in South America following the pattern of the Nordics. Having a consolidated leadership on Environment and Health in the region Ramboll is focusing on Water and Energy and preparing for the retake of the Oil and Gas business in Brazil after the compliance crisis of this sector. From 2018 on, after the new president election, it is expected that Brazil will return to grow at a significant pace, leveraging all the infrastructure sectors, and this will provide us with many exciting opportunities. BRA17003

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