2017 Brazilian Excellence Awards

10 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Brazilian Excellence Awards 2017 , Weizur Drawing on over 17 years’ experience, Weizur is an animal health product specialist dedicated to offering high quality products whichmeet its clients’ needs. We profile the firm to explore the secrets behind its success. Established in 2000, Weizur manufactures of veterinary medicine, chemicals to farms, milk extract machines and cooling tanks for milk. Additionally, the company offers a range of products designed to ensure animal comfort, supporting their welfare. Service is a vital part of any business, and as such Weizur works constantly to offer the very highest standards of customer service and support to everyone it supplies. Therefore, the firm works to collaborate with its clients and create partnerships with them. These clients are varied, and based across Brazil and South America; they include cooperatives, veterinary stores and various other farm producers. Staff are central to good client service, therefore Weizur provides its staff and account managers with continual improvement training to ensure that they offer clients only the very best service and support. Alongside client service, the firm is also committed to quality in its product offering, and therefore operates a strict, quality program, complying with the legal regulations of each country it supplies to. As such, clients can rest assured that their products will meet the regulations of their region and be of the highest possible quality. Ultimately, Weizur is dedicated to excellence, and therefore is continually seeking to improve the cost and the quality of the products it provides, as well as developing innovative new offerings to meet its clients’ ever evolving needs. BRA17008

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