Latin America News Q3 2018

10 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q3 2018 , KIA Strengthens its Digital Strategy to Enhance Customer Experience in Mexico According tomarket research, over 60%of consumers decide on a brand, model, and price of a vehicle online, before visiting a dealership. As such, KIA and Atento have launched a customer relationshipmanagement strategy that will increase customer satisfaction and efficiency thanks to the use of digital technologies and an omni-channel interaction platform. Traditionally, the automotive sector has focused its efforts primarily on the product: ensuring that its automobiles were safe, performed well, had an attractive design, offered a variety of features, and, lastly, that they had connectivity. Today, it’s increasingly common that a key differentiating factor between brands is customer experience and the customers’ degree of satisfaction throughout the process of interacting with a brand. This process, known as the customer life cycle, includes the care they receive during the purchase, the use of the good or service, technical support, and the customer relationship termination process, among others. The effectiveness of these processes and, therefore, customer satisfaction and companies’ competitiveness are benefiting from the opportunities offered by new digital technologies. Customers, who are increasingly digital, make their purchase decision based on the vehicle’s quality and performance, but they also take into account the way in which automobile companies answer their questions before, during, and after the sale. Thus, customer experience becomes a decisive factor when purchasing a vehicle and in generating long-term loyalty. That’s why it is important to listen to customers’ needs and be capable of integrating digital marketing tools and front- and back-office customer relationship management process automation, as well as to have a solid omni-channel platform for greater efficiency and improved results in acquiring, managing, and retaining customers. Aware of the importance of customer experience and the impact of new digital technologies in the field, KIA is leading digitalization processes in the automotive sector in Mexico by implementing an omni-channel customer service strategy with the support of Atento. Originally, KIA’s customer service was limited to traditional telephone services and the use of email. KIA’s knowledge of its customers and vision enabled the company to realize that over half of its customers preferred to interact with the brand through new digital channels. The omni-channel strategy designed by Atento for KIA is based on data analysis and combines cutting-edge technology with human talent to generate an end-to-end solution. This solution will include the entire customer life cycle and maximizes the benefits of digitalization applied to customer service through a wide range of online and offline channels that are adapted to each customer’s preferences. As a result of this alliance, Atento is managing 40% of KIA’s customer relations through email, chat, and social networks, achieving reductions of up to one third in wait times. The solution has also allowed for increased speed and quality of service through more traditional channels such as phone calls. For Gregorio Adrián López Juárez, Customer Service Manager at KIA Mexico, “We needed a partner who understood the evolution of the business environment and Atento met that need. Where before we established objectives primarily based on the product, now technology and innovation have moved us to also incorporate customer-focused business strategies in a digital environment.” To Sergio Gustavo Olvera Dander, Solutions Manager at Atento Mexico, “KIA’s vision and Atento’s customer relationship management capabilities allow us to optimize costs, improve productivity, and increase customer satisfaction while we contribute to the digital transformation of the sector in order to adapt it to increasingly digital customers.”