Global Wedding Awards 2022

Page 6 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards Encompassed by sycamores, Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping village has made its home on the banks of beautiful Oak Creek in Sedona. The internationally renowned Arts & Crafts Village offers a unique experience, transporting each visitor back in time. Indeed, a landmark since its formation in the 1970s, Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping village has been fashioned based upon an authentic Mexican town. Boasting vine-wrapped stucco walls, cobblestone walkways, and magnificent arched entryways, the Arts & Crafts Village induces an atmosphere of romance – one that would be perfect for a dreamy, memorable wedding. From aromas flowing in from nearby restaurants to the vibrant floral life, Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping village is a treat for all the senses. Fountains and church bells combine in order to create a relaxing orchestral tune. The unique architecture, under the hot Arizona sun, is near otherworldly. In essence, Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping village is unlike anything else – and once you leave, you’ll always be anticipating your return. The venue’s story begins with Abe Miller, the founder. He regularly visited both Sedona and Mexico on holidays – and he fell in love. Back in the 1970s, Sedona was an incredibly rural area, with one standout, a nursery that was home to a distinctive sycamore grove on several acres of land owned by Harry and Ruby Girard. Miller, a real estate developer, was enchanted by the property. He had dreamed of building an arts village reflecting the charm and mood of Old Mexico, and after completing his travels, he knew that he’d found the right place. Inspired by the architecture of Old Mexico, Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping village is certainly a different wedding location. Unlike the sleek halls and historical manor houses, Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping village captures the essence of romance that can only be found in small, untouched towns. Mar22240 Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping village Most Intimate Wedding Venue - Central Arizona Soon after, Abe began a courtship with the Girard’s to acquire the property. After two years of discussion, a healthy dose of quiet persuasion, and assurances to Harry that the sycamores would be taken care of, the Girards finally agreed. In collaboration with Bob McIntyre, a highly-skilled architect, Abe’s dream came to fruition. He called it Tlaquepaque after a colourful Mexican city on the outskirts of Guadalajara, meaning the “best of everything” in Nahuatl. The chapel is one of the most outstanding features in Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping village. Unlike the rest of the lively location, the chapel is serene – a place for meditation and reflection. Additionally, it is home to an eye-catching twelve-foot painting of St. Augustine, Pope Pius X, St. Bonaventure, Samuel, Peter, and John the Baptist created by Eileen Conn. The Old Mexico inspired build is, of course, a place that inspires worship – it is also the host of the numerous weddings that Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping village undertakes each year. Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping village serves as the perfect setting for an intimate wedding. It is a magical place that acts as the canvas upon which couples can create their special day. There are four distinctive locations available – the aforementioned chapel, Calle Independencia, Patio de las Campañas, and the terrace at Patio del Norte. Therefore, whether the couple are planning for a large or small, indoor or outdoor wedding, Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping village has something available for everyone. Further, to reduce the amount of stress that the couple will inevitably face whilst planning their wedding, the company offers two bespoke packages. For example, the Elopement