Global Wedding Awards 2022

Page 40 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards What makes the perfect wedding cake? Is it the taste? The design? The fine details? With Cobi & Coco, you will get all of this and more. Indeed, established in 2014, the bespoke wedding cake designers endeavour to create fashion led contemporary cakes that are uniquely individual. Working in close collaboration with its clients, the company uses techniques such as intricate sugar flowers and hand-painting in order to meticulously craft the client’s dream cake. ‘“I love seeing couples not being afraid to be adventurous with their wedding cake designs, allowing their personalities to be expressed through this art piece displayed in the centre of your wedding venue,” comments Serena Chin, Cobi & Coco’s founder. In essence, each cake is made with great A wedding cake can truly make or break a wedding – it is, in essence, the showstopper, the focal point of the main table. Henceforth, it is imperative that you choose a company that understands this. For over eight years, Cobi & Coco has been designing bespoke, eyecatching wedding cakes that not only look good, but taste delectable too. Mar22095 Cobi & Coco Wedding Cake Designer of the Year 2022: Cobi & Coco craftsmanship, passion, and a lot of love, with inspiration being drawn from a variety of sources, including Serena’s experience within the world of fashion. Having worked as a fashion designer for many years after graduating from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, design plays a huge part in Cobi & Coco’s cake journey – Serena continues, “I see baking as my creative outlet, an art form allowing me to work with my hands.” Serena enjoys experimenting with colours and exploring different textures and techniques, often spending many hours drawing up digital cake designs from mood boards of the couples wedding story. However, Cobi & Coco believes that cakes should not only look incredible but should also taste delicious. Henceforth, the company uses only the finest ingredients to bring together a wedding cake that is delicately light and full of flavour. Clients can select from a range of delicious curds, sponges, and buttercreams – including Mango & Passionfruit, Lemon with Elderflower, Chocolate Orange, and many more. To add an extra dimension of flavour, each Cobi & Coco sponge cake is luxuriously coated in rich chocolate ganache which creates a smooth surface before the addition of a flawless layer of sugar paste. Of course, like many other successful businesses, Cobi & Coco has faced its fair share of challenges. Most recently, for example, the Covid-19 pandemic. Priding itself on its ability to adapt, Cobi & Coco delved into a new era. The introduction of restrictions led to the postponement of many weddings, yet plenty of couples did not want to wait to have their big dream wedding. Consequently, many turned to elopement. With this need and demand in place, Cobi & Coco collaborated with 4 other wedding suppliers to start a new elopement business, This new service offers everything a couple would need for an intimate wedding, with a photographer to capture the day, Cobi & Coco to supply the wedding cake, a florist, a décor to style and decorate the venue and a celebrant to officiate the wedding. “I love working within the wedding industry, being part of a couple’s special day, and to be able to play a role in making a couple’s dream wedding come true,” Serena enthuses. As such, the company has certainly secured its future within the wedding industry. Over the past eight years, the Cobi & Coco has achieved great success, and Serena is committed to further growing the company. Yet no matter how big the company gets; its focus remains the same – to provide an impeccable service to its clients. Contact: Serena Chin Company: Cobi & Coco Web Address: