Global Wedding Awards 2022

Page 20 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards Recognized as the Best Engagement Photoshoot Provider in Greater Los Angeles, Pixelzshot Photography provides a priceless experience built on a foundation of passion and innovation. Established by Marlene Vafai-Janbahan, a master photographer in her field, she utilizes a combination of photojournalism and fine art, creating unique lighting, hues, and fashion that focuses on a story within the imagery. Pixelzshot Photography Best Engagement Photoshoot Provider - Greater Los Angeles Mar22074 At Pixelzshot Photography, the primary mission is to create unique and beautiful artwork that reflects each person’s individualized story. The biggest priority is to illuminate the raw and genuine chemistry between the people that Founder Marlene Vafai-Janbahan works with. For Marlene, the studio was established on integral core values listed as responsibility, inclusivity, creativity, and efficiency. These values motivate Marlene and the company’s daily operations and act as the integrated layer for the company culture. “Photography is more than just a passion to me – it’s art. They say that a picture can tell a thousand words. My goal is to tailor those words to the unique love stories of my diverse clientele. There was a point in my life when I realized that my family didn’t have very many preserved and tangible memories, and I was devastated. Instead of dwelling on the disappointment, I became inspired to pursue my passion for art in photography by helping others memorialize their unique stories,” Marlene shares. Honoured to receive the 2022 Global Wedding Award as the Best Engagement Photoshoot Provider, Marlene and Pixelzshot are proud of its ongoing achievements. They are looking forward to the future, where they provide everlasting and captured memories and moments of love that last a lifetime. Expanding on the business’s mission, Marlene states, “Here at Pixelzshot, one of our top priorities is to have fun and enjoy the creative process. Our core values heavily influence our company culture. We take ownership and accountability for providing a priceless experience to our clients and each other every time. Additionally, we are dedicated to reinforcing that we value our clients’ time and business, which is evident in our services’ quality and efficiency. Moreover, we are creatives by nature and passionate about our craft and delivery – we know how to have fun!” At Pixelzshot, the team is entirely dedicated to ensuring its clients remain and continue to love their results. As the master photographer, Marlene stays true to handling many incoming inquiries and sessions to understand better individuals who seek her professional experience. While there are moments where books are significantly filled, Marlene can count on her passionate and creative staff members for support. “Whether my team supports me by answering calls, responding to emails, or confirming the final edits, I know I can rely on them to align with my style and our core values,” explains Marlene. However, like many businesses that had to go through, Pixelzshot, while affected by the covid-19 pandemic, has maintained a firm focus on providing a priceless and efficient experience for each of its clients. Marlene and her staff members were able to do so by offering gift cards for clients to use in the future once it was deemed safer for everyone to reschedule their sessions. In addition to these offerings, Marlene expands on the adapted state of the business, explaining, “During the lockdown, we focused on fine-tuning the website, portfolio, and marketing. In addition, we took advantage of Zoom and phone consultations to promote social distancing and followed all CDC guidelines throughout each phase of the pandemic. Due to this, we were able to grow our business.” By 2022, Pixelzshot plans to continue its upward momentum of success in the wedding photography industry and has ensured this by upgrading its equipment to offer the highest quality results and innovative solutions such as drone photography and videography services. But upgrading and investing in its success, the company can expand its resources and client base, providing luxurious options to any individual. By exceeding expectations and providing priceless experiences, Pixelzshot is looking forward to the future, proudly serving its community and clients as the Best Engagement Photoshoot Provider in the Greater Los Angeles area. Company Name: Pixelzshot Photography Contact Name: Marlene Vafai-Janbahan Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]