German Business Awards 2021

60 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 Sep21815 Best Digitization Specialist 2021 - Western Germany When it comes to implementing IT into a business, it pays to search for the best. We take a look at the team fromXpertus IT Systemhaus GmbH, worthy winners in the German Business Awards 2021, to discover a little more about how their IT support has helped to create the businesses of the future. To stay ahead of the crowd in this economic climate, it’s vital to find an IT partner who really understands the needs of your business. A great partner doesn’t just provide exemplary service, but pushes your business forward at all times with an innovative approach. They are more than simply a service provider, offering the perfect solution for specific circumstances. Working with the team at Xpertus means gaining access to exemplary IT support, with a team that sits by your side at all times. In this rapidly changing world of technology, it’s little wonder that the team have proven so invaluable to their customers. Currently serving 174 active customers, with 834 successful projects under their belt, the business has not only gone from strength to strength over the years, but is ideally positioned to thrive in the months and years still to come. The success of Xpertus comes from their technical capacity, always pushing forward into new areas of what technology can offer, as well as their ability to meet the needs of the commercial market. Through talking closely with their clients, they are able to understand the specifics of their needs and adapt their processes accordingly. With no two businesses operating in exactly the same way, this degree of care and attention has proven key to the firm’s continued success. Since first opening its doors in 2014, Xpertus has been through a period of great expansion. 2021 is a great example of this, with the team opening a new data center in Mogendorf. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that the need for smart and scalable remote workplaces still exists, and to meet the needs of their clients, the team must provide them. While the challenges of the last couple of years have been unique, the Xpertus team have made it their mission to ensure that they rise to them with aplomb. The state of technology means that businesses have to move quickly not only to stay on top of what technology offers, but the way in which we interact with it. The team at Xpertus are trusted partners, who continue to deliver exceptional results time after time. Their success is well- earned, and certain to be joined by more achievements for many years still to come. Company: Xpertus IT Systemhaus GmbH Name: Bastian Hoffmann Email: [email protected]