German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 53 , Oct21894 Manufacturing Recruitment Specialists of the Year 2021 With a passion for people and a dedication to exemplary personnel management services, the Executive Services Group has gathered all manner of firms under its umbrella in order to create an outstanding network of recruiters. With companies such as Osbelt partnered with it in order tomake this corporate environment a possibility, it proves its passion for linking the right professional with the right role time and time again, building incredible, long-lasting, and healthy business structures that will give the client a leg up on their journey to success. Osbelt Recruiting Process Partner der Executive Services Group is a recruitment company with a difference. Connecting the right companies with the right people, it has a dedicated industry focus on creating the best businesses in every facet of the German corporate ecosystem, allowing prospective new employees to reach for new challenges and find the next place for them, as well as allowing companies to put the best people in the driver’s seat of specialist roles. Its competencies lie in matching itself to the client’s HR requirements, fitting itself seamlessly to work alongside a client’s existing processes and people, finding the best candidates for roles through its regional, national, and worldwide network, bringing medium-sized companies top candidates. Founded in 2001 in Frankfurt, it began as the umbrella company of independent personnel consultancy firms. Fundamentally, Executive Services Group has been supporting its clients in the fields of personnel management since then, providing holistic support to its customers across the board in order to benefit the world’s business ecosystem in the macro scale. With national and international vacancies being filled by direct search, and management positions being secured through executive search, it combines a direct approach, net hunting, long-term and extensive corporate contacts, and its own applicant database to achieve a successful placement rate of 90%. One such firm under its umbrella is Osbelt Recruiting Process. Critically, with an underpinning goal of helping clients reach their corporate goals, achieve target-oriented measures, and plan personnel recruiting in a manner that will result in roles being filled by professionals who will thrive there. Therefore, in order to achieve this, it puts modern human resource management to the test in everything it does, aiming for lasting success and recruitment as a pivotal element of its services, making use of correct evaluation and the correct choice of candidates in order to help its companies with one of the trickiest tasks they must grapple with. Providing HR consultancy for rural regions in particular – and with Osbelt gaining notoriety as a high-value recruiting process specialist – this link in the chain works hard to recruit people out of enthusiasm and mutual passion, fostering an environment of ambition and talent and a pool of people who embody both. Since 1997, this partner has helped Executive Services Group to support small and medium sized businesses and established a human resource consultancy as a result, providing aid with the search and recruitment of technical, sales, and management positions. With Executive Services Group handling so many facets of recruitment and personnel, it’s no wonder why it has become such a cornerstone for its clients business, something it is excited to continue improving as it moves towards its bright future. Company: Osbelt Recruiting Process Partner der Executive Services Group Contact: Nicole Osbelt Website: