German Business Awards 2021

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 Best Asset Management Firm 2021 The best asset management is active at every level, analyzing the challenges facing the economy andmaking decisions that can benefit their clients. For the teamat V.M.Z., success can come through focusing these requirements through the abilities of the talented few. Their approach has brought them extraordinary success in EU Business News’ German Business Awards 2021, so we thought it is time to take a look at how they have achieved such success. The management and growth of assets has always been at the heart of the work that V.M.Z. has undertaken. Since their first foray into the financial markets in 1994, their approach has remained state-of-the-art at all times, setting new standards for success that few have been able to match. These pioneers have therefore been proud to develop over the last few decades into one of the world’s most successful asset managers. Leading this incredible team is the talented Dr. Markus C. Zschaber. His skill in the field is unparalleled and has allowed him to guide the V.M.Z. team forward through many periods of change. His services are focused on creating a system which is independent, professional and geared towards the needs of the long-term. Over Sep21829 the years, the approach advocated by Dr. Zschaber has been approved of by many private investors as well as local authorities, cities, foundations, confederations, pension funds, associations and banks. It’s a credit to his work that so many trust his decision- making skill. The many achievements of the V.M.Z. team have come from their commitment to delivering two core competencies. Throughout even the most difficult of times, this ability to perform well has allowed them to thrive. These competences are being able to analyze the state of the overall economy and using this information to construct an independent, flexible and professional investment strategy. It’s not enough simply to understand what is happening – the team at V.M.Z. thrive on being able to apply this knowledge to real world situations. Despite holding all of this knowledge, the boutique nature of V.M.Z. means that the client is able to decided which active asset management concepts they would like to invest in. Each strategy is different, and can be carefully tailored to the needs of the individual. From the first meeting, the team begin to explore the values that matter most to you, whether you would prefer to take an approach which is inherently conservative or ideally oriented towards growth. For larger organizations, such as institutional investors and larger family assets, the team at V.M.Z. are happy to develop an individually defined strategy that guides them through the challenges of the day. The team have also been able to take over the management of existing funds where necessary too. No matter what, however, the approach taken by the team is conducted in conjunction with the custodian bank. Only by working closely together with all of the involved parties can the team be certain of achieving success in the years still to come. In the past, banks and asset managers entered into risks that were too high, as well as being unnecessary. For those who have built up assets, like those who turn to V.M.Z., the aim is not to acquire more but to maintain and grow what is already there. The understanding required to achieve this lies at the heart of V.M.Z., and is part of the reason why so many people turn to them when looking for new successes. When it comes to predicting the phases of the stock market, the nature of the new globalized economy means that it’s a challenge to do. Cycles on the international capital market are increasingly fast-paced,