Finance Elite Awards 2018

10 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Finance Elite Awards , F.L.Putnam Investment Management Company provides a comprehensive range of investment advisory, investment management and fee-only financial planning services to a nationally diversified clientele. We reached out to ChrisMcVey to gain further insight into the company’s outstanding success. Best Investment Management Firm 2018 - New England Established in 1983, F.L.Putnam serves individuals and families as well as non- profit organizations such as endowments and foundations across the industry. Chris started off by stating how it feels to have been named as the Best Investment Management Firm 2018 in New England, and what attributes he believes the firm possesses that have contributed to its achievements. “Here at F.L.Putnam, the whole team is extremely pleased to be recognized for our achievements in a highly competitive industry. Across the company, the culture is collaborative and our ability to attract and retain highly qualified professionals is the firm’s greatest asset. “Delivering institutional quality investment management services in a boutique setting is our mission, and subsequently, employing the right people and developing our team culture is a key factor in our success.” Operating in the fast-moving finance sector, there are many measures the firm has undertaken to ensure that it is at the forefront of any emerging developments. Chris outlines the methods that have been successful for F.L.Putnam, asserting that adapting to the relevant technology trends has provided the firm with a platform to excel. “While we strive to keep current with all aspects of our constantly evolving industry, our continuous investment in technology stands apart in its importance in maintaining our competitive edge.” With new advances and developments arising every day, Chris provided us with insight into the American finance industry at present, explaining what challenges the firm has come up against, as well as the opportunities that have presented themselves. “Like most industries today, we are affected by the impact of technology. Forty years ago, consumers had to interact with financial services firms to get access to information. Today consumers do not lack access to information but, rather, suffer from an information overload, and our role today is more focused on helping folks cut through the clutter. Firms that do not keep up with technology or understand how it impacts consumers’ needs and wants will be left behind.” While adapting to the relevant aspects of technology has contributed to F.L.Putnam’s success, the firm is well placed to embrace other challenges as well. “Investors need advice in up markets and down markets. We run a tight ship with our own finances and are well positioned to maintain the delivery of a high level of client service in virtually any type of market.” A key aspect of F.L.Putnam’s success has been the team’s FEA18006 CHRISTIAN D. McVEY | Senior Vice President | Marketing