Corp America March 2017

CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 87 , Dr Kermani founded the Augenklinik amNeumarkt and tells us more about the organisation and the rationale behind it, following his success inwinning the Healthcare Pioneer award. An Eye for an Eye The Augenklinik am Neumarkt is the leading private clinic for comprehensive in- and out-patient treatments of vision defects and eye disorders in Cologne, Germany. The firm performs more than 8,000 surgical procedures per year, including cataract and refractive surgery; retinal surgery; corneal surgery and transplantation; glaucoma surgery; and aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids. Interventions at the clinic are based on comprehensive diagnosis, state-of-the-art optometric technology and high-end instrumentation and technical equipment. Dr Kermani and Dr Gerten are the chairman and medical director respectively and have professional experience in comprehensive eye surgery spanning more than 50 years combined. Both are listed among the top 10 physicians of the German FOCUS medical healthcare specialty listing since 2013 and have a scientific footprint of more than 100 original publications. In 1993, Dr Kermani started working as an out-patient ophthalmological surgeon in Cologne. In the same year, he founded the eye laser centre Augenlaserzentrum Köln and assumed the medical management of the Department of Ophthalmology in the PAN practice clinic in 1998. Together with Dr Gerten, he founded the Augenklinik am Neumarkt in Cologne in 2006. Dr. Kermani and Dr. Gerten are entrepeneurs in other medical fields also. They have founded ROWIAK GmbH, a company that develops medical femstosecond lasers for eye surgery and MediDate ehealth GmbH, a start-up that has grown up to one of the leading online marketing companies in Germany. Dr Kermani strives to ensure that the products offered by the clinic are innovative and best-sellers in the market. He tells us more. “Trust on what is known and deliver this with best possible service and performance,” he begins. “Try out new things, stand open to innovations, motivate new ideas, and give opportunity a chance. If you are sure that a new product will be successful, than build it up with care but with all the power and effort that is needed. But do not put all your cards in one hand. Make sure there is a way out by having a flexible strategy.” Keeping up with new technologies in the industry is of utmost importance to Dr Kermani. “You do not necessarily need to be the first to use newest technology, sometimes it is better to wait and see the results. Not every hype is justified and dirty marketing is a common problem also in medical technology. We place our trust in evidence and experiences. “Being in touch with other professionals is the best way for information exchanges. So you can discuss personal experiences and find ways for better solutions.” Regarding staff management, Dr Kermani tells us that team building and leadership, based on mutual interests and goals, are key within the industry. “Fairness, honesty and respect are all essential for successful teamwork in this sector. Clear communications in all directions, as well as critical self-reflection at all levels, are redundantly audited.” Being a medical doctor and manager at the same time, the biggest challenge for Dr Kermani is to balance compliance to ethical issues with economic interests. “Our key product is the doctor and the work he delivers. Good medical practice and happy patients is what we have in mind.” K Company: Augenklinik am Neumarkt Contact: Dr. Omid Kermani Address: Schildergasse 107-109, 50667 Köln, D-Germany Email: [email protected] Telephone: +49 (0) 221.650722-0 Website: 1702CA16