Corp America March 2017

80 CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 , Founder of GoingClear Interactive, Paul J Scott, tells us more about the cut-throat world of web development and how it is imperative that he always stays ahead of the curve. In the Clear GoingClear Interactive, a leading Boston- based web design and development company, was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing businesses with the clearest way to the web. The firm’s focus on interactive media includes web design, internet strategy, web development, CMS websites, ecommerce websites, custom web applications, internet marketing, brand enhancement and other digital media projects. Founder of the company, Paul J Scott, tells us more about the firm and its clientele. “Although we’re Boston-based, we help businesses worldwide with their internet and digital needs,” Paul begins. “Since our inception, GoingClear has built an exceptional hand-picked elite team of interactive media professionals. We maintain a clear focus on driving demand and enhancing campaign effectiveness for each and every client we work with. We serve small businesses, corporate, government and state agencies, start-ups, education, and non- profits.” As founder and president of GoingClear Interactive, Paul’s main responsibility is to manage the overall operations and resources, as well as lead the development and execution of the firm’s long-term success, strategy and positioning. “From sales, to marketing, operations, finance, management and special projects, I’m in touch with all different areas of the company and dedicated to continual growth, solid team of professionals, profitable returns, overly satisfied clients as well as always delivering quality products and services,” he adds. Paul is a firm believer in staying current and up-to-date with technology and progress, especially in his line of work. “We have a general review and practice to always be learning so when new things come up, one of us here on the team is starting a discussion around it until it sticks and then we explore and then integrate into our client projects. “For us specifically, as a tech company, we have to always be learning new software and coding as well as refining our skill set and technologies which works out well since we are all passionate about technology, creating sharp, professional, helpful websites, web apps and web products.” It is this focus on staying ahead of the curve that allows Paul and his team to constantly deliver products and services that are innovative and best-sellers in the industry. “Just the other day we had a conversation about over- delivering on a few open projects where a new trend in the styling of fonts with CSS could really provide an even more fine-tuned user-experience for websites,” explains Paul. “As a result, we are going to integrate this into the few new website launches we have coming up. Full circle from this question, we do it because we enjoy it. We enjoy when our clients are beyond excited about their new website or web app or custom web development project that has just launched with innovative technology that other companies might not take the opportunity to do.” Recently, the firm won one of our prestigious awards, Paul tells us how it felt to have been awarded this accolade. “In our world, we feel that we just continue to plug forward and deliver excellent products and services. So for us we are excited for our award and know we have to always continue to push forward integrating innovation and success into our daily operations.” And regarding the future, Paul has high hopes for GoingClear, and tells us about a new project the firm has recently undertaken. “In five years, you’ll see our core mission still being pursed which is to always be delivering exceptional products and services, but with five more years under our belt, our team will grow, our portfolio will have an interesting exciting mix of new launches as well as our skillset will be that might tighter being able to draw on even more experiences. Recently we launched our new Resource channel, Clearingly, which follows a mission of: Web Business, Sharpened. We offer online on demand training courses on internet marketing, advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization), advanced social media marketing, books and more. It’s great for that business audience that is more of the DIY- style of growth. You can check out more here at ” K Contact: Paul J. Scott Email: [email protected] Company: GoingClear Interactive Address: 175 McClellan Highway, Boston, Massachusetts 02128 USA Telephone: 001 617 649 7200 Web Address: 1703CA14