Corp America March 2017

CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 77 , NickJen Capital Management & Consulting is a highly respected; NewYork based Commodity Trading Advisor, specializing in the Natural Resource Commodity Spectrum. We spoke to Chief Operating Officer Lisa Parrinelli to learnmore about the firmand their unique investment strategy, hot on the heels of receiving their USAHedge FundManager toWatch – 2017 award. A Unique Investment Strategy The firm’s diverse range of clients includes US and foreign institutional investors, family offices, fund to funds, and HNWI. Lisa’s role at NickJen Capital is diverse, indeed along with her titles of COO and risk manager, she is involved with strategic planning, business devolvement, client relations and marketing. The small, tightly knit NickJen team is led by portfolio manager, Nick Gentile, who developed and has traded this strategy for close to a decade. He believes in a high level of consistency in everything they do and makes sure that the team follows the same core principles and vision. Since launching the NRD-1 Program in 2014 he has implemented minor improvements, which have enabled it to become a premier program within the managed futures space. The NRD-1 is a discretionary, natural resource, commodity only program utilizing both fundamental and technical analysis, with the ultimate trading decisions based on fundamentals. 70% of the portfolio strategy focuses on the agricultural and soft markets and the remaining balance is composed of the energy, meat and metal sectors. “Trading decisions are developed through highly extensive, statistically analysis, review of supply and demand conditions, inventory levels, weather developments and forecasts and economic trends and reports” Parrinelli reveals. She then underlines that this in conjunction with the managers in depth knowledge of markets and physical commodity trading experience, both of which are also strengthened by a prodigious network of industry relationships developed over more than 25 years. “We have fostered a network of deep commercial relationships that have become instrumental in assisting us in identifying potential market opportunities”, says Parrinelli. They have become a key contributor to our investment strategy. “When it comes to our process risk management is essential. NickJen has a risk management framework designed to identify, monitor and mitigate portfolio risk. We utilize a fully integrated, scalable risk system and have a strong focus on operations and controls. Our research methodology continually evolves as we identify and analyze new sources of returns. NickJen’s goal is to prioritize capital preservation through low M/E and seek returns at a relatively low level of volatility.” In April 2016, CTA Intelligence presented NickJen Capital Management & Consulting with ‘Best Newcomer CTA’ at the US Performance Awards 2016. A few other highlights have been: Barclay Hedge - Recognition Award for Excellence – Top 10 Net Return - Discretionary Sector for Managers with assets under 10 million in both March 2014 and August 2014.” The last word goes to Parrinelli, who concludes that, “since inception NickJen’s AUM has increased from 4 million to 59 million and looking ahead in 2017 our goal is to continue to grow and prosper.” K Company: NickJen Capital Management & Consulting Name: Lisa Parrinelli Chief Operating Officer Email: [email protected] Web Address: Telephone: +1 212 226 2137 1703CA37