Corp America March 2017

CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 75 A New Story Is Unfolding in the Global IT Landscape g Company: Hexaware Technologies Email: [email protected] Web Address: K called ‘Brainbox’. It’s about doing something new every day, for every customer. The number of ideas implemented, in 2016 went up by 88% and 80% of the ideas were themed around automation. Disrupt or be disrupted Though traditional IT giants have smart people, capability, and money to invest in building the capability, the issue is purely about willingness. “A vast majority of traditional providers, have spent the last three to four years, on their important investment of building the best automation platform. We believe that most customers will not want to be tied to a proprietary automation platform. We have put ourselves in reverse position by not building the best platform, but using the best technology in the market. The company has taken a bold step further by rewarding their account teams for cannibalizing revenue, by bringing savings to the customer through automation. The company has the policy to credit back the savings extended to customers, through automation, to the individual teams. This strategy coupled with a futuristic vision is paying dividends, as Hexaware is now one of the fastest-growing IT services companies in India. By helping customers shrink their IT maintenance and support spend through automation and by encouraging them to build more flexibility into their infrastructure to support digital business initiatives, Hexaware has positioned itself at the forefront of a wave of next-generation sourcing providers.