Corp America March 2017

CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 73 , A Creative and Goal Oriented Visionary Company: Marie Kelly Unlimited Name: Patricia Marie Kelly, Owner Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 801 W. Algonquin Rd, Ste. 8074 Algonquin, IL 60102 Telephone: +1 847 909 7351 Industry: Real Estate Year Founded: 2007 K Patricia made the decision to move forward with being known as a “Signature” Home Staging & Design company, to homeowners across Greater Chicago and to leave Professional Organizing behind. While there was already much competition in the Chicago area for home staging services, Patricia was driven to offer more than just another company. Patricia states that “to be a leader in a competitive industry, you have to reach down to that fire inside and make it be that spark that ignites your energy each and every day towards success”. Each year from 2012 through 2014 we doubled our business, and raised the bar on how we serviced our clients and handled their expectations. By 2016 we were staging over 200 homes a year, and had already accredited to helping sell over $107 million in real estate property in less than 3 years. The home staging Industry is a complex career combining knowledge of sales, real estate, design knowledge, project management and organizational skills plus staging knowledge and training. Leading home staging companies in this industry know that without solid business and management skills you will not survive. Business owners in this industry must adapt to a constantly changing environment of needs, keep onto of technology and design trends, as well as understand sales psychology and staging basics for all levels of real estates, from small condos, to luxury homes, in all demographic regions of the Chicagoland area. As TV expands and incorporates staging in almost every show selling or flipping a home, the job of educating the public on the reality and reasoning for staging a home in the “everyday world” has become increasing difficult. Marie Kelly Unlimited has never lost ground to the challenge, but instead has risen above year after year by improving their education and seeking new ways to attract clients based on current needs in the marketplace. Our company’s mission is to deliver excellence while creating from the heart. Every team member is valuable part of the organization, that brings knowledge and experience to not only helping our company grow, but also in assisting our customers achieve excellence and success in every project we complete. Patricia regularly attends national industry conferences as well as continuing education classes on a variety of business subjects on a regular basis. Patricia has made sure that her knowledge is solid in all forms of real estate staging, and has certifications in standard residential, luxury, investment & vacation properties, foreclosure homes, commercial properties, and multi-family properties. In order to help keep larger Projects on track and ensure her client’s needs are being met, Patricia has also earned the CSP Residential Remodeling Project Management Certification. All team members working for Marie Kelly Unlimited must be experienced in home staging and have some form of formal education in order to be selected as part of the team. Over the years our company has had many challenging homes, which needed us to think outside the box. Many homeowners have no budget, and our company must find creative ways to work through the challenge and make a home ready for buyers. This is why our company has consistently been able to sell 96% of the homes we stage, in 30 days or less. In the past year, we have expanded and grown to assist builders and developers with staging model homes and senior living facilities, as well as assist in designing lobby space for apartment communities and businesses. Each type of property requires a working knowledge of how to design a space that markets the correct value, to a specific population in order to achieve its goal. Staging a home can involve many moving parts including home updates and repairs, as well as cosmetic changes involving wall color, furniture placement etc. Every home is unique to what is needed. Marie Kelly Unlimited under the direction of Patricia Marie Kelly has grown over the years to become a well- respected, nationally known and awarded home staging company based on its customer reviews, its consistent statistics for home selling success, and its reputation for offering customer service excellence year after year. Patricia believes in giving back to the community, and recently led a team of volunteers in making over several large areas of a Women’s Shelter in Northern IL, and does speaking engagements on various topics from home staging to how to run a successful business. In addition, Marie Kelly Unlimited has been named 2015 & 2016 TOP 10 Stagers in the USA, by HSRA, the Home Staging and ReDesign Association as well as awarded Best of Houzz. com 4 years in a row. An award that only 3% of businesses are accredited with each year. This year Marie Kelly Unlimited celebrates its 10th Anniversary. As we move ahead through 2017 and beyond, home staging will continue to grow and become a more widely respected service by homeowners, realtors, investors and more. In order to ensure growth and success, our company must continue to learn and expand our knowledge within the staging, design, and real estate industries, as well as continually expand our technology via websites, search engines, marketing strategies, and more. The more evolved our industry becomes, the more in depth the knowledge of every staging and real estate company will be needed as well. Marie Kelly Unlimited will continue to upload its mission of offering excellence in the industry, as well as across Chicagoland for many years to come.