Corp America March 2017

CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 71 , Help secure the future of your business and the health of its leaders. The Importance of Preventive Medicine in Safeguarding Your Health Whether you are a CEO, an executive managing the C-Suite, or a travelling professional, your time is at a premium. You wear many hats and juggle multiple responsibilities. What might happen to your firm, your family or your friends if some of those hats were suddenly to fall from your head? When you have a busy life it’s easy to put yourself lowest on your list of priorities. After all, your family, your employees and your community all depend on you. Your time is at a premium. But it’s important to make time to care for yourself and to care for your health. Optimal health is not only the key to a meaningful life; it makes it easier to juggle all that you do. Proactively seeking to optimize your health and well-being pays off not just for you. It pays off for your company, your employees, your family, your community and all those who depend on you. Preventive health examinations can provide you with a personal roadmap to optimal health because they offer the ability to uncover potential health problems early – when they are most treatable – and to identify your own medical risk factors. Armed with the knowledge you gain through the in-depth physical, comprehensive lab work and targeted screenings that are part of a preventive health exam, you can work toward improving your health and reducing your risks. Cleveland Clinic healthcare professionals have combined world-class medical and wellness services into the most comprehensive, streamlined executive health physical examination available. We have transformed the traditional executive physical from a data-gathering exam into an integrated, head-to-toe evaluation by some of the world’s top medical staff. We have taken it a step further by also making available experts in nutrition, fitness, and personal and executive coaching. We not only give you the results of your health evaluation, we provide you with the resources to improve them. Having a visit with a member of our team is a personal, comprehensive, and confidential way to address your concerns about your health, stress, or other matters you may be conflicted about. We will help you put together a good game plan for yourself going forward. Examinations are tailored to meet your needs; they take place on a single day and require just six to eight hours of your time. The Executive Health physician takes a detailed history and performs a thorough examination, which may include: • Screening and risk assessment for cardiovascular disease; • Vascular imaging to evaluate your risk of stroke or aneurysm; • Screening and risk assessment for common cancers, including colorectal, lung, prostate and breast; • Full laboratory studies necessary to obtain a complete profile of major organ systems; • Vision screening and glaucoma testing; • Vaccination review and administration; • Bone densitometry to determine your risk of bone fractures. Because we focus on health and wellness, you also will meet with our nutrition, fitness and stress management experts to help you establish a healthy lifestyle. The day concludes with a valuable one- on-one session with the Executive Health physician, who will wrap up the team’s findings. You benefit from personal guidance on managing risk factors that will help ensure a vital, productive life. You will be promptly referred to one of our world-renowned specialists for evaluation of any health issues that may have been uncovered. After undergoing the exam and meeting with the experts, you will feel more confident in your health status and know the action steps you need to take, guided by your personal roadmap, to better health and wellness. The results may be expected or surprising, but you will become more personally invested in ways to improve or maintain your health if you fully understand the physiological processes behind the recommendations. Organizations from across the nation have developed Executive Health benefit packages with Cleveland Clinic to protect their most important asset: their leaders. They place their trust in us due to our outstanding reputation and experience. K Company: Cleveland Clinic - Executive Health Program Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195 Telephone: + 1 216 442 8192 1704CA08