Corp America March 2017

CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 65 , Dr. John Bryan of eProcesses Consulting, Inc. is a CertifiedManagement Consultant withmore than 30 years’ experience helping clients design and implement strategic change. A Change Would Do You Good eProcesses began during the peak of the dot-com era, before the bubble burst! Our roots, however, are in basic business consulting. Today, we combine our knowledge of and comfort with technology and our foundation of basic business to help start-up companies establish a solid foundation. We also help established companies improve their business performance, so that you are running a valuable business today or planning a profitable sale for the future. Our clients are in most industries and have been on five continents. Services include business formation, from planning through funding, and operational improvement to improve financial performance and valuation. A recent addition to Dr. Bryan’s consulting practice is the development of a business case for risk and documentation of risks and assumptions in the formation of captive insurance companies and the preparation of private placement memoranda. Services and referrals are often collaborations with other trusted professional service providers. Additional services are goal development and alignment, market development, strategic innovation, identification of key performance indicators and design of management information tools and systems, and business process documentation and improvement. A central element of Dr. Bryan’s services is the implementation of change, not only the design or the identification of the need for change. A roadmap or business case for strategic, and for incremental, change is less valuable without implementation. Implementation may include a process for changing organizational culture. A plan for strategic change that is not implemented adds no value, except to those who get paid to do the planning. K Company: eProcesses Consulting, Inc. Name: John Bryan, DBA, CMC Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 4275 Executive Square #200, La Jolla, CA 92037 Telephone: +1 858 395 3111 1703CA05