Corp America March 2017

60 CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 , CEO of Magnegas, Ermanno Santilli, tells us more about the firmand its innovative products. The Future of Gas MagneGas Corporation is a highly innovative waste-to-energy technology company that counts among its inventions a patented process that converts liquid waste into hydrogen-based fuels. President and CEO, Ermanno Santilli, goes into more detail about the firm and its innovative technology. “This technology is the underpinning of our company and our unique, proprietary gas called MagneGas2®,” he explains. “We currently sell this gas into the industrial market as cutting fuel and a direct replacement for acetylene, a dangerous and unstable legacy product. Over the past several years we have evolved into a fully independent publicly-traded company with more than 9,000 shareholders. “We have recently announced 2016 revenue growth of 39% over the same period for 2015 and we see good things setting us up for a strong 2017. Our technology continues to provide a distinct advantage in the market in the fact that we are the only green technology (or greentech) company that is based on a process called Submerged Plasma Arc Flow technology.” Ermanno’s responsibilities as CEO cover a range of remits, involving both investors and board, research and sales, plus making strategic investments and the hiring of staff. “In a company of our size, for me being CEO means being hands on, knowing our employees, our strategic partners and rolling up my sleeves to help the company grow.” Ermanno has been CEO of Magnegas since 2012, ushering the firm from what was effectively a research and development shop into a Nasdaq-traded process-centric organization. “While I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston College, plus an MBA from Indiana University, my aspirations were never specifically linked to being a CEO. In fact, I was living in Europe for more than 15 years before this opportunity presented itself.” MagneGas Corp’s innovation hinges on its patented Submerged Plasma Arc™ technology and the firm is incubating three different applications of such technology to respond to customer needs in industry, agriculture and energy. It aims to focus on waste to energy, converting a waste stream or renewable stream into something more valuable for shareholders. As an innovative company that leads the way with regards to technological advancements, it is absolutely critical to keep up- to-date with the latest trends, as Ermanno embellishes. “That’s what we’ve aimed to do at MagneGas since we started, and others in several industries have confirmed that we do indeed lead the way when it comes to our technology,” he says proudly. “Nobody in the world has a technology that produces such a unique gas in MagneGas2. Through independent testing and verification of MagneGas2, we have proven that our gas burns hotter, is safer and cuts metal much faster than any other cutting fuel product out there. Because of this, our gas is currently being used by NASA subcontractors on Kennedy Space Center, by the Fire Department of New York City, both the US Army and Navy, and several of the top utilities in the US, not to mention thousands of other customers throughout Florida and the rest of the country. “If our main market of industrial gas had more innovation our job would become easier. Our gas is a perfect commodity based on molecules which cannot be changed. I have always felt that the industry as a whole, and in turn our customers, are not regularly exposed to innovation thereby increasing their reluctance to adopt new technologies.” Ermanno and Magnegas’s objectives for 2017 and beyond remain the same as they have the past few years. “We will continue our penetration and assault on the $5 billion industrial gas market promoting our MagneGas2 product as a superior replacement for the legacy gas acetylene,” elaborates Ermanno. “We will continue to push for sales of our gas production units across the US and overseas, building on the delivery of our first domestically sold unit in the US in 2016. On the agricultural front, we will work with and solidify our relationship with the USDA and farm partners to make our technology readily and widely available to companies of any size. Finally, we will continue to advance our co-combustion technology testing which holds extraordinary promise in an age when energy demands around the world continue to grow, along with calls for cleaner ways to supply it. “We believe our technology can have a substantial impact on both and create a strong middle ground answer for both sides of the energy/environment equation. Looking forward, we will continue to look for strategic partnerships and opportunities with the most promise and we will continue to be sensitive to the needs of our employees, our investors, and to the world around us.” K Company: MagneGas Corporation Contact: Ermanno Santilli Address: 11885 44th St. N., Clearwater, FL 33762 Email: [email protected] Telephone: +1 727 934 3448 Website: 1701CA73