Corp America March 2017

32 CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 , 2017’s CEO toWatch – Florida award winner Dr Robecca Quammen, DBAMBAwalks us through the work of MyConsultQ, an on-demandmarketplace that transforms howhealthcare organizations best leverage talent and howhealthcare resources advance their careers. Leveraging Gig Economy Innovation for Healthcare Talent Acquisition MyConsultQ is applying the forward- thinking principles associated with the on-demand economy to the healthcare industry and is empowering organizations and independent consultants to succeed like never before in the talent acquisition process. The world’s leading healthcare companies come to MyConsultQ to fill resource shortfalls because our community is a one-stop shop for top talent covering the entire spectrum of skills related to the healthcare industry. The firm uses data, technology, and specific solution experts to always find the perfect match between organization and consultant. Dr Robecca Quammen, DBA MBA is CEO and founder of MyConsultQ. Her responsibilities include supervision and control of all strategic and business initiatives of the company, as well as providing strategic direction, vision and a mission to enable successful operations and market growth. She explains more about the firm and the industry. “We’ve witnessed how the gig economy has transformed – and more importantly improved – other industries for employers and independent consultants. We’re applying that same innovation to healthcare, an industry that truly needs some catalytic change. Healthcare organizations will finally be able to forgo the time-intensive process of recruiting and hiring talent and instead quickly get needed resources in place. Likewise, independent consultants can stop spinning their wheels in a quest to secure engagements and instead fast track their careers toward success.” Robecca brings more than 25 years of innovative and progressive management to the healthcare industry. She has synthesized a lifelong career in healthcare ranging from hospital leadership, to large software vendor to private consulting. Her tenure and engagement in this industry has fostered a comprehensive understanding of everyday operational workflow, industry regulation, physician and clinician engagement, patient engagement, regulatory demands, quality, finance, and the ever-evolving US healthcare delivery system. “Like many people, my career has followed a winding path with many surprises along the way while although consistently rooted in the healthcare industry and service to people.” Robecca continues to talk about her career milestones, as well as touching base regarding her education and how her career progressed to this level of leadership. “I frequently describe my career milestones as the three legs of a triangle,” she begins. “The foundational leg of the triangle represents my early exposure to hospital operations. Starting with an emergency department patient registration role while in college, I progressed through financial, medical records, and marketing management roles. The second leg of the triangle allowed me to combine information technology and the healthcare industry working for the nation’s largest healthcare software vendor, leading a nation-wide team in some of the earliest electronic health record initiatives. The third, and current leg, of the triangle allows me to apply more than two decades of knowledge and experience in the pursuit of innovative solutions for the mission-critical healthcare industry.” Robecca explains that working long hours as an entrepreneurial CEO is very challenging, but she overcomes such issues by keeping herself motivated and having a very positive outlook to life. “I have found that it is important to let myself accept the day for what it is and know that there are opportunities to start over after a good night’s sleep. Healthy diet, exercize, and sleep along with a positive attitude are tried and true contributors to motivation and success.” Robecca believes that, now more than ever, leadership trumps management when it comes to staff. “A lot is written about the millennial generation and their views on career, work, and lifestyle but I think we are still evolving in our efforts to blend this generation with baby boomers under the economic shifts toward independent and freelance workers. Technology has changed this generation’s views on privacy, security, and mobility and those views challenge many traditional business norms, requiring flexible management and leadership strategies.” Having witnessed how the gig economy has transformed, and more importantly improved, many other industries for both employers and independent consultants, Robecca lays down her future aspirations for the firm. “At MyConsultQ we are leveraging two decades of healthcare industry consulting expertise as we apply gig economy innovations to workforce talent acquisition in healthcare, a segment of the industry that truly needs some catalytic change. Healthcare 1702CA93