Corp America March 2017

22 CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 , JohnWhite, EVP and CTO of PDQ Signature Systems, tells us more about the solutions the firm provides and how it is key in today’s fast-paced digital age. The Need for Speed PDQ Signature Systems, an acclaimed business- to-business technology solutions provider, has been at the forefront of innovation and excellence for more than 31 years. With thousands of public, private and not-for-profit sector customers throughout the US, the PDQ legacy encompasses fast cycle services, top rated products and exemplary customer support, every minute of every day. John White, executive vice president and Chief Technology Officer at PDQ Signature Systems, tells us a little more about the firm and its offering. “Our signature product, PDQ POS, is a multi-award winning point-of-sale system for restaurants of all sizes and complexity—from single stores to multi-unit franchises and chains. While our POS has been touted as ‘the fastest POS on the planet and the easiest to learn and operate, we’re especially proud of our cloud-based franchise management platform, as it visually and statistically provides the precise information a franchisee and franchisor need to save costs and increase profits. “Designed for speed, ease-of-use and comprehensive reporting, our feature-rich, enterprise-ready PDQ POS is both powerful and seamlessly scalable. Our cloud-based reporting provides a myriad of information with the click of a mouse and the resultant data can be accessed from a smart device wherever there’s an internet connection. Our extensive hardware includes tablet POS, self-serve kiosks, rear view displays, self-serve drive-thru kiosks, digital cameras with text overlay, fingerprint readers and integrated digital menu boards. With POS integration, menu changes can almost instantly occur franchise- wide, to select stores by region, or to a single location… whatever’s necessary! “We pride ourselves for being the only POS provider in our industry to offer a complete in-house cybersecurity solution- -with remediation. Our PDQ Security platform combines a unified, managed suite of next-gen products, including Unified Threat Management (UTM), Endpoint and Unified Security Management (USM) with Security Intelligence and Monitoring. This state-of-the- art, award-winning platform also provides incident remediation. PDQ Security plays a crucial role in simplifying the complexities of PCI compliance and is also available as a stand-alone offering for merchants who do not have PDQ POS.” The firm is a pioneer in harnessing the technology that accepts compliant mobile EMV (chip card) payments for pay-at- the-table, pay-at-curbside and pay-at-the-door. John tells us more about this groundbreaking work in mobile EMV. “While our EMV solution for POS was in place well prior to the advent of the October 2015 liability shift in which credit card companies shifted the costs of card fraud away from themselves and on to merchants who continue to swipe chip cards rather than using a compliant EMV card reader for card processing, the quick service restaurant industry— especially merchants who offer delivery—ultimately needed a solution that enabled the acceptance of EMV payments from a mobile device. With EMV ‘card present,’ the merchant is protected against chargebacks and card fraud. The result can yield immeasurable cost savings to the franchisee, while instilling confidence to the consumer. “We were recently honored with the “POS Pacesetter Award” for innovation from the Restaurant Service Providers Association (RSPA) and Business Solutions magazine.” “We’re obviously elated that our hard work, diligence and customer dedication was noticed—and appreciated. Yes, it’s another “trophy” in our case, but each one is meaningful, as it represents our vision and core values as a company.” As the EVP and CTO, John’s primary focus is to ensure that the firm’s solutions are comprehensive, compliant and cost-effective. “And, of course, our leadership status in the industry depends on our ability to consistently remain ahead of the “ever-changing curve” that envelops technology. There’s not much time for resting on our laurels!” With regards to the future, John foresees growth for the firm as the use of mobility, with mPOS, mobile EMV and cloud EMV, increases. “We’re already addressing mobility and cloud and we’re continuing to assess more technology advanced, cost-effective solutions,” he enthuses. “Just when we begin to hear footsteps behind us, we accelerate to another gear! “We’re proud of our leadership position and of our ability to maintain a laser focus on providing exemplary customer service. With technology, you need to see what’s coming way before it arrives. I’m certain our abilities and culture will afford us the opportunity to confidently delve into adjacent markets, complementary products and, of course, the next ‘big thing.’” 1702CA81