Corp America March 2017

16 CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 , the word of her phenomenal invention and how it can truly transform the medical world. “I wish to continue to enrich students and doctors in my critical role of Professor with neither prejudice nor proselytizing. I also wish to make the work of Eazysense Nanotechnologies Inc. available for use worldwide. “I intend to make the use of the BRODERICK PROBE® economical and user-friendly, and to provide success for all who use these ground-breaking nanotechnologies to help alleviate the debilitating and sad diseases of the brain. Indeed, anyone who has a brain, human or animal, is vulnerable to each and every one of these diseases. “’There go I but for the grace of God’, is not an original saying. I have made it my motto. In fact, due to a life-threatening accident, I have seen life now from both sides; I now have seen life from the side of the patient and the doctor. What a difference it makes!” Patricia has seen many challenges along her route to overwhelming success, however she has sage words of advice for those brave enough to follow in her footsteps. “This road to Full Professorship and Business Person, especially as a woman, is not an easy road to travel,” she comments. “This road has been given to me to do while I am on this earth. I did not design each and every step. I simply said “yes” to all that life has to offer each of us. Therefore, some advice I have is to first examine one’s ability to have photographic, echoic and analytic memory as well as one’s ability to use all of these at a moment’s notice. This intricate memory set is inherent is only a few some and I happen to be one of these gifted individuals and did not realize it until so many people told me of it. The accident taught me this about myself. Nonetheless, no matter what ability anyone has or has not, one must in one moment, think slowly and in the next, be quick with the answer. One must be able to hold several questions in one’s mind as one question after another is hurled and calmly answered sometimes with passion at least as much as is possible for each individual’s nature. I believe it is important to be true to oneself. “An important part of this aspect is to know one’s self and wherever any trait is lacking, compensate for it just as the brain compensates continually. Enter into business relationships that will compensate for your deficits. I will share that a good sense of humour is imperative. My mother taught me, “there is a thin line between genius and insanity, remember, your sense of humour always”. I will also share with you, “Be willing to ask for help and be willing to help the others”, Sometimes, this may be a competitor you are helping! That is alright. There are friendly competitors. However, remember that the ability to take hurt and insults in one’s stride is imperative. I would think of Cinderella at this time and her words, “Always be kind”. I would add, “Always be thoughtful, particularly of the other person’s schedule and needs as well as one’s own needs”. “I would also add, “Always be patient” but there is a caveat in this respect. One must not be patient to the point of being abused or used. Abuse and jealousy is readily recognized. Nonetheless, we often do not know when we are being used with malice until the actions have almost gone or have indeed gone too far. When this happens, my advice is to still be kind and patient but one must move away from untrustworthy associates as quickly and as diplomatically as possible! “My final piece of advice is “This road is not for the faint-hearted; be strong and strong-minded but not so strong-minded as not to be an astute listener and adherent to the advice of others”. In the end, it is one’s own well-considered judgement that matters the most.” Awards: Recent Awards Selected from many Awards for Dr. Broderick. In 2017, Prominent Women in Business, AI Global, and Corporate America, London, UK and NY, USA. Editorial with Logo on Cover, March, 2017. In 2017, Acquisition International, AI Global, London, United Kingdom (UK). In 2017, Inner Circle Executives, Continental Who’s Who, LI, NY, USA, Cover Photo. In 2017, US 15,433,117, 1038- 40 CIP/CON/DIV; 2-15-17, Identification, Diagnosis and Treatment of Neuropathologies, Neurotoxicities, Tumors and Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries Using Electrodes and Microvoltammetry. (CUNY & NYU, Broderick, PA & Pacia SV). In 2016 and 2017, Best Clinical Researcher in the City University of New York, Medical Professor of the Year, 2016, Corporate America and AI Global, NY, USA and London, UK. In 2016, Business Woman Elite, Most Influential Business Woman in Science and Translational Medicine, USA 2016. Innovation Award for Best Nano Biosensor, BRODERICK PROBE® and Professor of the Year, 2016, Corporate America and AI Global, NY, USA and London, UK. In 2016, Market Watch, March 24, 2016 for BRODERICK PROBE® nanobiosensors and excellence in Professorship. In 2016, DE-Gruyters Open. Berlin, with offices in Basel, Beijing, Boston and Munich. Press Release, Facebook, twitter, google. In 2016, Non-Provisional Patent, the non- provisional (PCT application) was filed on December 28, 2016 and was assigned International Application No. PCT/ US16/68879. (CUNY. Broderick, PA). The non-provisional (PCT application) is entitled as follows: “NONINVASIVE ELECTROACTIVE PHOTONIC PROTEIN SENSOR WITH POLYMER PHOTOVOLTAIC OPTICS FOR MEMORY TRANSDUCTION USING ORGANIC AND INORGANIC ELEMENTS AS PLATFORMS”. In 2016, The Women of Distinction Magazine, Inspire me, National Assc. Distinguished Professors, NY, NY, USA. Film-In process. In 2016, Top Professional and Scientist of the Year, The International Association of Top Professionals, NY, NY, USA. In 2016, Professional of the Year, The International Association of Who’s Who. Google_ In 2016, Trademark granted, BRODERICK PROBE®. France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, (Italy, in process) In 2016, USPTO, Provisional Patent, December 31, 2015. A noninvasive Photonic Sensor with Polymer Memory Transduction Using Organic and Inorganic Elements as Platforms. It was issued Serial No. 62/273,693. Registration of full patent granted in India for India. In 2015, USPTO, Provisional Patent, December 31, 2015. A noninvasive Photonic Sensor with Polymer Memory Transduction Using Organic and Inorganic Elements as Platforms. It was issued Serial No. 62/273,693. In 2016, USPTO, issued, 2006, US 7,112,319, Identification, diagnosis, and treatment of neuropathologies, neurotoxicities, tumors, and brain and spinal cord injuries using microelectrodes with microvoltammetry. **Patent title is registered globally, Patent Office, India. In 2015, Elected Vice President American Turner Association, NY Chapter, Board of Directors, USA. In 2015, National Professors of Excellence, Doctors of Excellence, Rockefeller Plaza, NY. USA. In 2015, Faculty Row, The Official Home of America’s Top Professors, NY, NY, USA. In 2015, Pinnacle Professor, a Lifetime Achievement Award from Continental Who’s Who, USA. In 2015, Expert Guest, Doctor Radio show, Live stream from NYU, Internet Radio, Sirius XM, ChanneI 81. In 2014-2015, Professor of the Year, National Association of Professional Women, LI, NY, USA In 2014, Industry Experts, National Association of Distinguished Professors, LI, NY. USA. Life Story Issued under Industry Experts Magazine, the InternetNewspaper. Covington Who’s Who.