Corp America March 2017

14 CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 , Phenomenal scientist, inventor and entrepreneur, Patricia Ann Broderick, Ph.D. founded and established Eazysense Nanotechnologies, Incorporated inNewYork, USA, to bring the science of sensors to the nuances and complexities of the brain. She talks to us about her nanosensing inventionwhich is set to change the shape of medicine as we know it, following her success inwinning theMost Influential Businesswoman in Science and Translational Medicine 2016 –2017 USA award. Brain Teaser Dr Patricia A Broderick is founder of nanotechnology company Eazysense Nanotechnologies Inc which specialises in a unique way to study diseases of the brain. The work also extends to diseases of the body and the blood. “This original work is about a way to look inside the brain without opening the brain, and indeed I have invented another way, using only a minimally invasive safe surgery,” explains Patricia, speaking of her work. “Therefore, I have invented for the world a way to enter the brain without opening the brain, never conceived before.” This incredible feat became possible due to Patricia’s invention of a safe, miniature nanosensing device to image live brain neurotransmitters and neurochemicals that are responsible for diseases that originate in the brain, body and blood. These neurochemicals are driven by genetic means. “It is important to note that, although Neurology and Psychiatry are sciences that have been known for a very long time, Nanotechnology, Nanobiotechnology and sensing devices are just coming into play full force,” states Patricia. “Sensors are taking over the market and mark a novel course of action to discover brain disease and figure out strategies on how to treat each and every one.” Interestingly, Patricia’s miniature nanobiosensors are smaller than one human hair and are known as the BRODERICK PROBE® series of nanobiosensors, named after her father father. Critically, these nano probes allow the natural state, the diseased state and the medically treated state of the neurons in the brain to be monitored on line, in vivo, within nanoseconds, continuously videotracking the brain. These nano probes enable Personalized Medicine for each patient and each animal. The BRODERICK PROBE® class nine is specifically for the treatment of animals and class ten is for the treatment of patients. Patricia first entered the sector she is currently in simply to share the fruits of her labour with the industry and to reach all scientists and medical doctors, students and health care professionals to place the use of these nano probes on a fast-path to FDA approval. “We have already accomplished IRB approval from NYU Medical Center and Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, Tisch Hospital. Reaching the industry means reaching the world step-by-step, carefully and calmly. The world needs this nano probe. It can and will provide several platforms for Personalized Medicine. It will revolutionize the industry in a positive way.” Patricia was recently awarded the prestigious accolade of Most Influential Businesswoman in Science and Translational Medicine 2016 – USA & Innovation Award for Best Nano Biosensor: BRODERICK PROBE® for her extensive research and work in the jurisdiction. She stands out in her field of expertise, and from other businesswomen, due to the fact that she is not merely an accomplished scientist and professor, but also an inventor, author and teacher. She tells us more. “Not often accomplished is the fact I have earned and reached the level of full medical professor in the City University of New York School of Medicine and adjunct professor in New York University Langone Medical Center and Comprehensive Epilepsy Medical Center. I am active in every area of academic professional life. As editor and editor-in-chief of several medical and scientific journals my word, my work, my knowledge and my considered judgement are accepted and respected worldwide. My family and I are so very close. My colleagues are my friends. My business associates are my friends. A dear friend just called moments ago, my friends are forever friends. Loyalty is the cornerstone of my life.” Patricia is also the President and Founder of the Broderick Brain Foundation, 501 (c) (3) not for profit foundation, named after the Broderick family. This foundation provides scholarships for students studying the brain who have reached success in publications and empirical laboratory research. It allows students, doctors and lay people to travel to spread the word of the brain and its working. In addition to innovation and success in the laboratory and the classroom. Patricia and her colleagues have entered the clinical arena and have successfully monitored the epilepsy patient during surgery. “With the success, we have seen with this nano probe in the brain of the epilepsy patient during epilepsy surgery without scarring and without bacterial infection as studied by pathologists and immunologists in NYU Langone Medical Center, we are now entering the business arena,” Patricia embellishes. “This award from Corp America which recognized my business acumen will be a huge boost to our noble work to save lives. “It is with joy that I receive the respect of the nomination for this Businesswoman Elite Award from Corp America.” Patricia’s plans for the future centre around spreading BEW16010