Corp America February 2017

CORP AMERICA / FEBRUARY 2017 5 NEWS , In addition to under- standing the demand for specific products and services, the growth opportunities and competitive environment, the research also reveals some very important insights from business- es with US operations in terms of the specific quirks about the American market of which British companies should become fully aware. Made in America / Buy American: There is a historical domestic preference to government con- tracts (Buy American Acts and provisions) and this often carries over into B2B and B2C prefer- ence for American products, or at least those perceived to be - a sentiment clearly echoed in Trump’s inauguration speech. To address this purchasing preference, a British company may need to adapt the product and branding, ensure they have a mostly American workforce – especially in sales. For example, using Inc. rather than Ltd. Not homogenous: A challenge facing UK companies is not only navigating the differences between the UK and US, but also internally between regions/ States. The US is made up of 50 states all with their own regulatory and tax systems, laws (employment, etc.), rules around registration and struc- ture of corporate legal entities, education and welfare systems, transportation networks, culture and landscape/environment. Logistics: The United States is 33 times bigger than the land area of the UK. The sheer scale of the country brings up some important logistical and supply chain questions, as well as choosing the right region to locate the business depending on existing industry networks and where customers are based. Business structure: Businesses need to consider whether they use distribution partners or sales representatives to cover multiple regions, or set up a local pres- ence in multiple places. What impact will this have on end price (industry variant, what terms and JAZZ Frame® is a system of connec- tors, the final link in the JAZZ Band® technological platform dedicated to the hybrid surgical technique. Implanet now offers surgeons the possibility of defining and optimizing a global strategy to reduce major deform- ities, thus maximizing long-term clinical outcomes. “Since we have been using sub- laminar braid implants to reduce and stabilize scoliotic deformi- ties, we have been able to show significantly greater reductions than we previously obtained with our all-screw or hook-and-screw assemblies”, says Professor Key- van Mazda, MD, Ph. D, Robert Debré Hospital, APHP, adding that by “using the JAZZ Frame® facilitates the restoration of both frontal and sagittal balance, thanks to the simultaneous reduction of both thoracic curves. This is most notable in the case of the most complex deformities where shoulder imbalance is common. The result of years of clinical experience and of close collaboration with Implanet, JAZZ Frame® allows us to be even more efficient and quick for the sole benefit of patients.” Ludovic Lastennet, CEO of Implanet adds, “we continue to strictly adhere to, and execute our business plan. The rapid marketing clearance in Europe and the United States is a real source of satisfaction, innovation that maximizes the clinical value of our technology. Optimized for implementation of the ‘frame’ technique, we expect this implant to be rapidly adopted by our partner surgeons, pediatric and adult deformity specialists alike. The marketing release of JAZZ Frame® in our various markets is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017.” services will distribution partners demand, i.e. exclusivity, etc.)? Supply chain regulations can vary by state, adding another layer of complexity. Getting a foothold: Going in solo and building from scratch is very difficult (due in part to the Made in America hurdle). Options for entry: enter with a current or supply chain partner which can introduce potential customers, establish a JV, or make an acqui- sition. Regardless of entry meth- od, lead times to first sales can be long. Pre-entrance networking and fact finding are vital. To help start building up the brand, it is recommended businesses consider attending conferences and trade shows and sign up to industry associations. People and culture: Differences in language, culture and atti- tudes towards work can create recruitment difficulties for British companies entering the US. Experienced help on the ground is recommended. Commenting on the research, Jon Whiteman, Partner and head of the industrial practice at CIL Management Consultants said, “it is clear that the UK Govern- ment has the US in its sights as a key trading partner when article 50 is triggered and this is under- lined by Prime Minister May’s meeting with President Trump this week. The US is certainly a land of opportunity for those businesses which invest the time to understand both the market and the culture.” Implanet Announces Global Marketing Clearance of the New JAZZ FRAME® IMPLANET amedical technology company specializing in vertebral and knee-surgery implants, recently announced that it has been given the green light by the American and European authorities, through FDA 510k clearance and CEmarking, tomarket its new Jazz Frame® implant.