Corp America February 2017

44 CORP AMERICA / FEBRUARY 2017 , Lyle Himebaugh, a partner at Granite Group Advisors, tells Corp Americamore about the firm, its clients, and the secrets to its success. Carving the Right Path Granite Group Advisors is a new breed of consulting firm with a defined and proven process to protect and grow its clients’ wealth. Lyle Himebaugh, a partner at Granite Group, tells us more about the firm. “We are a client advocate and we exclusively represent the client. We are not affiliated with any brokerage or money management firms and we do not have any proprietary products. “We are a firm watching all issues that arise within personal and retirement accounts. My partner and I specifically work with clients and managers and we undertake a lot of due diligence on the managers. Our investment process is defined and documented to all clients. We like to think we are the ultimate Outsourced CIO.” The firm was incepted in 2003, as a reaction to the variety of activity witnessed in the financial world. “We wanted to begin a firm that behaved based on our ethics and integrity,” explains Lyle. “This is something that I have always strived for, and found that the best way to get there would be in an independent firm. Our goals and our work reach up to our standards, not those of a broker-dealer or a custodian. We always put the client first.” With regards to staff management, Lyle embellishes on the key principles which Granite Group adheres to. “Our firm employs people who understand our principals and loyalty to our clients. All Granite members are willing to fulfil their positions, and work beyond the normal expectations. We have two operational teams, one for retirement plan accounts and one for families, foundations and pensions.” There are many challenges which the company has had to face to date and indeed overcome. Lyle tells us how these have impacted upon the running of the company. “Expectations! For private clients the main challenge was constantly having to remind the client of our proven process, and making sure the next generation understands the process. For retirement plan clients it was making sure that we made it easy and simple for their employees, and making sure the employer is up-to-date with all the new rules.” Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology and trends is one of Granite Group’s top priorities. “We have a variety of clients, and move from original signatures to transmitted documents, and work to update our website to meet with the moving generations. It is a constant update that needs to keep moving. Each generation of workers and investors presents a new technology. “We developed an internal website for exclusive client use. We produce our own material, such as blogs, quarterly commentaries, monthly investment education, and our published Worth articles with special market announcements are included. We also have a computerized risk assessment as well. It is also an app for the millennials. “We operate with our client needs at the top of our list. By following the latest technology and innovative updates, we operate within the view of what our clients may want or need. We have a very good relationship with all our clients. They are always giving us feedback. They are our most valuable asset. “We are also an incessant reader of publications. If we see an idea, we will act on it. I also hire firms that will watch the new trends. While all new updates may not apply to our firm and our needs, we have people and firms in place to activate those updates needed. “We work for the greater good. We see ourselves as the provider of superior institutional investment services for the masses. We want to make sure that all our client’s futures are secure, whether it is a foundation family or a retirement plan.” K Company: Granite Group Advisors Contact: Lyle Himebaugh Address: 187 Danbury Rd., Wilton, Ct. 06897 Email: [email protected] Telephone: 203-210-7814 Website: 1701CA59