Corp America February 2017

CORP AMERICA / FEBRUARY 2017 39 , Gil Alcazar talks to us about his firmand how it stays ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging trends. A Taxing Business Gil’s Business Tax Services is a tax preparation and bookkeeping corporation with notary and live scan finger print services. The business is located at 1534 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa, California and has been in operation since January of 1992. It offers many services, including packaging and shipping, money services, copies, fax services, PO boxes rental and much more. Gil Alcazar is the president of the corporation and he is responsible for the finances and the good functioning of the corporation, and implementing the way of operating the corporation, as well as deciding which new services the corporation will offer in the future. He tells us more about how he keeps up-to-date with emerging trends in the wider industry to ensure that the firm is constantly providing the most innovative service it can for its clients. “We strongly protect our client’s personal and financial information,” he explains. “Privacy and fraud have been hot topics this year. Due to the sensitive client data held by tax professionals, cybercriminals increasingly target the tax preparation community. Thieves use a variety of tactics, from remote computer takeovers to phishing scams and will often use the stolen identity information to file tax returns. As a tax preparer, we play a critical role in protecting taxpayer’s data. “We are working with honesty to serve our clients better. We will continue to provide our experience and, with the professional services we offer, the help that our clients expect and deserve with their business and personal financial needs.” Gil explains that technology has been a big game-changer within the tax industry. “Twenty years ago all tax returns were paper filed, currently with the new mandates 99% of our tax returns are e-filed and with that also payroll tax deposits, sales tax forms and numerous federal, state and local forms are e-filed. But technology is a game- changer in any business. “ With regards to the future, Gil’s main goal is to increase the client base to 5,000 clients, and with the firm’s track record, this could well become a reality sooner than he expects. “Our company was recently selected for a review by the Internal Revenue Service and we are excited to inform that not only we did excel in all the procedures but we were not required to make any single change to our processes and financial information. Our more than 27 years of experience are the result of our excellent outcome, 9 out of 10 audits are resolved without any modification whatsoever. “We with our hard work, honesty and experience in tax law, we protect our clients so that their tax reports does not suffer any changes by the government and thus avoid an audit in the future.” K Company: Gil’s Business Tax Services, Inc. Contact: Gil Alcazar Address: 1534 Sebastopol Rd Email: [email protected] Telephone: 707-523-2192 Website: 1702CA32