Corp America February 2017

CORP AMERICA / FEBRUARY 2017 25 , Since 1957, DonnellonMcCarthy Enterprises has been, on a technology advancement stage, transforming businesses by providing a powerful array of process automation in both the digital imaging industry and intelligence tools for software that empowers the future of technology. Empowering the Future of Technology Focusing on the total business solution, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises ensures that our clients have all the resources necessary to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve performance benchmarks. Over thousands of organizations trust Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises to handle their technology needs of the future in both vertical and horizontal markets. Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises scope of services include an extensive portfolio of office equipment, document automation and technology solutions for businesses large and small. We service the areas of Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Lima, Indiana & Kentucky. In 2017, we will be expanding in these areas. Our offices are in the greater Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Lima Ohio. As President of Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises, my role is to work closely with my executive team. We work to achieve the goals set upon us. I also oversee daily operations in all 4 of our sales locations and digital solutions center. I began my career as President of Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises in early 2016. I started off overseeing operations in our Columbus and Lima sales offices. As of February 1st, I am now the President over all four of our sales locations and our digital solutions center. When it comes to managing my team at Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises I like to live by the words “One Team, One Goal and One Vision”. By believing in these words we work as a team that is set out to achieve the same goal envisioned by the Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises standards. While managing this team, it is imperative to work with your executive team to achieve these common goals. Outside of my executive team I like to hear from everyone in our organization regardless of their title and treat them all with the highest amount of respect. I believe that a positive and enjoyable environment will make great for success in any industry. Of course, any job you have can come with challenges that must be faced and overcome. I have seen leaders that are completely disconnected from the company they work for. I never let these challenges that are being faced take an impact on my position. I will always strive to breakdown all silos and to work together as a team. Staying up to date with the industry trends is tremendously important. The technology and services we offer our customers is becoming more and more innovative every day. By having our sales team keep in contact with current vendors on what is up to date in the latest technology helps us keep our products and technologies the most advanced we can offer. I also have my teams review news and medias sources for new and exciting industry trends. Our sales teams also stay in close contact with all their customers to keep up to date on their office technology needs. At the end of the day, we are here to serve our customers. I require all my employees to have over 200 hours of training, in their area of expertise, per year. It is our duty to insure we stay up with the times. I see Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises future as becoming a national leader in the technology space as well as being recognized by our peers, customers and competitors as the Gold Standard. Over the next 5 years Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises will acquire businesses all over the United States. As President, I will guarantee that we hold up to our high level of customer satisfaction for these customers. Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises will be recognized as one of the greatest companies to work for. Most importantly, we will promote over 90% of our employees from within. K Company: Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises Contact: Jim George Address: 10855 Medallion Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241 Email: [email protected] Telephone: 513-769-7800 Website: 1702CA17