Corp America February 2017

CORP AMERICA / FEBRUARY 2017 13 Delivering Security Worldwide K g Company: SailPoint Name: Juliette Rizkallah Website: “Overall, our success is tied to three things: creating the best marketing team in the industry, having a compelling story to tell, and our focus on impact as we market that story to every audience. “Companies will get attention with a novel idea or new approach, but unique differentiation and consistent execution is key to a marketing team’s success. SailPoint’s marketing team has successfully created a brand platform that is provides a larger vision of the identity market, supported by a unique and compelling visual language, and then aggressively and consistently promoted across every channel, from marketing and across the company through to brand ambassadors. “Anyone looking to emulate such success in marketing needs to focus on impact, and not be afraid to fail. SailPoint competes with industry giants who spend tens of millions on marketing every year; since we cannot compete dollar for dollar, we do not even try. Instead, we pay close attention to what activities are having visible impact, and we try a lot of new strategies to see what works. We view every strategy that does not work as an opportunity to learn rather than a failure, which is why we have come to succeed where many others have failed.” Looking to the future, Juliette explains what the firm’s aspirations are to continue on this path of success. “Moving forward, our team is dedicated to growing the brand of this already successful company, which is profitable and well known within the identity market to be one that is globally known as a security leader. In the next five years, we’re taking one of the best kept secrets and making it a household name. “In a high-tech company the marketing team’s growth mind set is of the utmost importance. Not only is this team good at what they do, but they understand the identity market inside and out and strive to keep up with it. Everyone on this team focuses on the impact we can have and sets goals accordingly. By not boxing ourselves in, our team to is able to grow and ultimately help grow the company in a meaningful and impactful way.”