California Business Awards 2023

12 | California Business Awards 2023 Sustainably-minded experiences in the renowned Valle de Guadalupe wine region will focus on food, culture and mindfulness. With dramatic landscapes, diverse outdoor activities and world-class food and wine, the state of Baja California is poised to be a must-visit destination in 2024, satisfying the desires of travelers seeking exploration, adventure, wellbeing and connection with local culture. In particular, several new experiences in Baja California’s Valle de Guadalupe wine region will cater to discerning audiences. Baja California Set to Welcome New Hotel and Tourism Offerings in 2024 Sustainable Luxury at Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe In early 2024, Baja California will welcome Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe, the brand’s first outpost of its wellness-focused Veya concept in the Americas and its second global location. Designed by acclaimed Mexican architect Michel Rojkind, Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe’s sleek and modern design effortlessly blends into the rolling hills and on-site vineyard to create a tranquil sanctuary that harnesses the powerful beauty of its natural surroundings. Featuring 30 luxury villas, the retreat will also be home to a trio of standout culinary outlets perched atop a hill that honor regional ingredients. Guests can opt for immersive spa experiences drawn from the local culture and land including desert spring hydrotherapy, traditional temazcal experiences and an apothecary garden will feature local herbs. The property will also feature a private winery that will debut an exclusive collection of wines dedicated solely to Grenache, featuring reds, whites, rosés and sparkling house blends. Amid its luxury offerings, Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe was designed to reduce impact on its surrounding environment. The property will have access to a well and treatment plant, and all water used will be recycled. Native plants will supplement the property’s complex, and its vineyards will enact biodynamism practices such as keeping all fallen grape leaves on the ground so that a bio layer is formed, thus slowing water evaporation. Sassi del Valle to Debut Italian-Inspired Gathering Spot that Consciously Promotes Local Products Anticipated to debut in summer 2024, Sassi del Valle will open to visitors with hospitality experiences and artisanal stores that showcase the magic and bounty of Baja California. The development was inspired by Matera, Italy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features dwellings carved into ancient rocks and is a nod to Baja California’s unique connection with Italy. In the late 1600’s, Father Eusebio Kino of Predaia, Italy, arrived in Baja California on a mission and later discovered that the region was not an island, but in fact a peninsula connected to greater Mexico. The forthcoming project’s name “Sassi” means “stone” in Italian, honoring Matera and recognizing the Valle’s iconic rocky topography. Sassi del Valle will be the second of its kind developed in Mexico, following the success of the first iteration, Val’Quirico, in Tetlatlahuca, Tlaxcala. The project’s sustainability aspects include a water recycling program that distributes treated water of the highest quality for agricultural use, thereby offsetting consumption demand during construction. Baja California’s culinary community, which includes establishments recognized among the best in Mexico, has also adopted responsible operational practices to minimize their environmental impact. For example, Deckman’s en El Mogor by Michelin-starred chef Drew Deckman features ingredients carefully selected from small, local producers. Fauna, most recently awarded as the “Best Restaurant in Mexico” by Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, promotes itself as an ecological and sustainable restaurant that complies with biosafety protocols. Malva, from Michelin-rated Chef Roberto Alcocer, features hyperlocal fruits, vegetables and spices that are cultivated from his personal garden, mitigating carbon impact. For more information on Valle de Guadalupe and other Baja California experiences, please visit “As Baja California continues to evolve and gain wider recognition, the tourism community is committed to identifying sustainable solutions to conserve our natural resources and minimize environmental impact to ensure future generations can experience the abundance and beauty of our state for years to come,” said Miguel Aguíñiga Rodríguez, Secretary of Tourism for the State of Baja California. “We are proud to welcome responsible, forwardthinking projects like Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe and Sassi del Valle that will complement the efforts that existing businesses in the region have already adapted and continue to refine.”